Infrastructure Monitoring | Datadog

Automate Agent installation with the Datadog Ansible collection

Learn how to automatically install the Datadog Agent on managed hosts with the Datadog Ansible collection.

​​Key metrics for CoreDNS monitoring

Monitor these CoreDNS metrics to optimize the performance of your Kubernetes clusters.

​​Tools for collecting metrics and logs from CoreDNS

Learn the tools you can use to collect metrics and logs from CoreDNS.

How to monitor CoreDNS with Datadog

Monitor the performance of your CoreDNS service and the infrastructure it runs on.

Monitor your NVIDIA GPUs with Datadog

Learn how our NVIDIA DCGM integration provides visibility into all of your NVIDIA GPUs in a single platform.

Monitor runtime metrics from OTel-instrumented apps with Datadog APM

Learn how to visualize and monitor runtime metrics from your OpenTelemetry-instrumented applications.

Monitor Windows event logs with Datadog

Learn how Windows event logs can help you monitor your environment's security boundaries and provide ...

Troubleshoot with Kubernetes events

Learn how to collect, monitor, and use Kubernetes events to root cause and troubleshoot problems with your ...

Quickly and securely enable monitoring for your entire Google Cloud environment

Discover our new Google Cloud integration tile and service account impersonation feature for fast, secure ...

Enable monitoring for enterprise-scale Azure environments in minutes with Datadog

Learn how to quickly configure Datadog for hundreds of Azure subscriptions using our enhanced onboarding ...

Monitor OTel-instrumented apps with support for W3C Trace Context

Learn how added support for W3C and B3 headers helps you gain full-stack visibility into your ...

Highlights from KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2023

Read our recap of the key themes and sessions from this year's edition of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe.