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Diagnose runtime and code inefficiencies in production by using Continuous Profiler's timeline view

Learn how you can use Continuous Profiler’s new timeline view to investigate the causes behind application ...

Go memory metrics demystified

Learn how to use runtime metrics and profiling data to resolve memory issues in your Go applications.

Real-time distributed tracing for Go and Java Lambda Functions

Learn how Datadog provides visibility into the performance of your Go and Java Lambda functions.

Datadog API client libraries now available for Java and Go

Use our API client libraries to programmatically collect, search, and update your monitoring data.

How to collect, standardize, and centralize Golang logs

Pick the best logging package for your project and achieve centralized, consistent logs.

Announcing Go tracer v1.0.0

The latest version includes distributed request tracing and other features and improvements.

Cgo and Python

How the new Datadog Agent written in Go runs Python checks.

Releasing czlib and zstd Go Bindings

To commemorate the third annual GopherCon US in Denver this week, we're releasing cgo bindings to two ...

GopherCon India talk - Go faster: optimizing Go programs

In this video, Software Engineer and Gopher, Jason Moiron describes various optimization techniques Datadog ...

Instrument your Go apps with Expvar and Datadog

Learn how to expose expvar metrics as a Datadog metric to monitor your Go application performance.

Announcing Datadog Agent 5.1 with support for Btrfs and Go expvar

Introducing support of Btrfs and Go expvar and expanded support of our PostgreSQL, Jenkins, MongoDB and ...

Crossing Streams: a love letter to Go io.Reader

The Go io.reader allows for better control buffering resulting in faster code that uses less memory. Learn ...

Go Performance Tales

Looking for performance tips for Go applications? In this blog, read about one software engineer's quest to ...