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Monitor your AlwaysOn availability groups with Datadog Database Monitoring

Learn how you can optimize your AlwaysOn clusters to ensure they can efficiently handle failovers with Datadog ...

Visualize activity in your Google Cloud environment with Datadog Cloud SIEM Investigator

Learn how Datadog Cloud SIEM provides shared context for security teams and DevOps to monitor activity in ...

Easily add tags and metadata to your services using the simplified Service Catalog setup

The updated Service Catalog makes it easier to add services that are not yet monitored by Datadog, enrich ...

Troubleshoot faulty frontend deployments with Deployment Tracking in RUM

Learn how you can quickly identify issues introduced in recent deployments with RUM Deployment Tracking.

Troubleshoot blocking queries with Datadog Database Monitoring

Learn how to zero in on root blockers to accelerate your handling of incidents and optimize overall database ...

Visualize user behavior with Datadog Heatmaps

Learn how you can analyze behavioral patterns in user clicks with Datadog Heatmaps.

Gain visibility into open source vulnerabilities with Datadog Application Risk Management

Learn how Datadog Application Risk Management automatically identifies vulnerabilities in open source ...

Understand serverless function performance with Cold Start Tracing

Learn how cold start tracing can help you investigate root causes behind Lambda function cold starts.

Block attackers in your apps and APIs with Datadog Application Security Management

Introducing ASM Protect—a new set of capabilities for Datadog Application Security Management enabling you to ...

Correlate Datadog RUM events with traces from OTel-instrumented applications

Learn how added support for W3C and B3 headers helps you gain full-stack visibility into your ...

Datadog's commitment to OpenTelemetry and the open source community

Learn about Datadog's support for the OpenTelemetry project and our contributions to the open source ...

Use library injection to auto-instrument and trace your Kubernetes applications with Datadog APM

Learn how instrumenting your Kubernetes application with library injection enables you to develop faster and ...

Gain visibility into risks, vulnerabilities, and attacks with APM Security View

APM Security View surfaces security data within the Service Catalog, Service Page, and distributed tracing to ...

Improve the compliance and security posture of your Google Cloud environment with Datadog

Learn how Datadog Cloud Security Management enables you to catch misconfigurations in any Google Cloud ...

Secure serverless applications with Datadog ASM

Learn how Datadog ASM can help secure your serverless environments.

Configure pipeline alerts with Datadog CI monitors

Learn how to get notified immediately when a pipeline breaks using Datadog CI Monitors.

Fix common cloud security risks with the Essential Cloud Security Controls Ruleset

Learn how the Essential Cloud Security Controls Ruleset for CSM helps DevOps and security teams manage high ...

Announcing TISAX-compliant observability for the automotive industry and its suppliers

Gain secure, comprehensive visibility into your cloud-based services, applications, and infrastructure while ...

Track and triage errors in your logs with Datadog Error Tracking

Learn how to reduce noise in your error logs with Datadog Error Tracking, now available for Log Management in ...

Visualize activity in your AWS environment with Datadog Cloud SIEM Investigator

Learn how Datadog Cloud SIEM provides shared context for security teams and DevOps to monitor activity in ...

RUM now offers React Native Crash Reporting and Error Tracking

Expedite debugging your React Native applications with readable error reports and built-in alerting.

Discover the values behind log patterns with Pattern Inspector

Pattern Inspector complements Log Anomaly Detection by allowing users to quickly evaluate the breadth and ...

Generate RUM-based metrics to track historical trends in customer experience

Learn how to gain deep insights into your application's user activity with RUM-based metrics in Datadog.

Authorize your Datadog integrations with OAuth

Datadog integrations are now backed by OAuth, allowing data to flow back and forth seamlessly and securely ...

Add security context to observability data with Datadog Cloud Security Management

Learn how Datadog Cloud Security Management can help you bridge the gap between security teams and DevOps.

Announcing PCI-Compliant Log Management and APM from Datadog

Centralized, compliant monitoring and governance for anyone handling cardholder data online.

Automate end-to-end processes and quickly respond to events with Datadog Workflows

Learn how to combine monitoring and workflow automation into a single, streamlined solution with Datadog ...

Gain visibility and control of your cloud spend with Datadog Cloud Cost Management

Monitor cloud spend to allow teams to optimize costs.

Identify and redact sensitive data in APM, RUM, and Events stream with Sensitive Data Scanner

Learn how the Datadog Sensitive Data Scanner enables you to identify and manage sensitive data leaks across ...

Leverage collaborative screen sharing with Datadog CoScreen

Learn how CoScreen helps remote and hybrid teams collaborate in real time by merging their desktop ...

Streamline your CI testing with Datadog Intelligent Test Runner

Automatically identify relevent tests to run with Datadog Intelligent Test Runner to reduce CI testing ...

Use Datadog Continuous Testing to release with confidence

Learn how Datadog Continuous Testing can help you seamlessly integrate testing at every stage of your ...

Collect GitHub audit logs and scanning alerts with Datadog

Learn how you can use Datadog to analyze your organization's GitHub activity and get alerted to code-level ...

Route logs to third-party systems with Datadog Log Forwarding

Learn how you can route processed logs to external endpoints with Datadog Log Forwarding.

Forward logs from the OpenTelemetry Collector with the Datadog Exporter

Add the Datadog Exporter to your OpenTelemetry pipeline to collect and correlate logs and traces.

Send metrics and traces from OpenTelemetry Collector to Datadog via Datadog Exporter

Learn how the OpenTelemetry Collector Datadog Exporter enables you to monitor metrics and traces in Datadog ...

Monitor application performance from the Datadog mobile app

Learn how you can quickly investigate issues and triage alerts on the go with the Datadog mobile app.

Run Datadog Synthetic tests in Azure Pipelines

Implement Datadog Synthetic Monitoring and end-to-end tests in your CI pipelines using our Azure DevOps ...

Optimize your .NET application performance with the Datadog Continuous Profiler

Learn how to troubleshoot resource bottlenecks in your .NET application using the Continuous Profiler.

Equip any user to monitor Kubernetes with the Overview Page

The Overview Page unifies Kubernetes insights in a single pane of glass.

Manage Service Catalog entries efficiently with the Service Definition JSON Schema

Create and edit service definitions quickly and accurately.

Track your test coverage with Datadog RUM and Synthetic Monitoring

Learn how Datadog RUM can help you understand your Synthetic test coverage and identify untested workflows.

Expedite infrastructure investigations with Kubernetes Anomalies

Learn how Kubernetes Anomalies automatically surfaces anomalous patterns in your clusters to speed up incident ...

Simplify microservice governance with the Datadog Service Catalog

The Service Catalog gives you a birds-eye view of all your services in real time.

Save dashboard widgets in reusable groups with Powerpacks

Using Powerpacks, you can group together widgets to scale and democratize monitoring expertise as fast as you ...

Proactively monitor service performance with SLO alerts

Track the performance of your services against your SLOs with SLO alerting.

Catch attacks at the network layer with DNS-based threat detection

Learn how Datadog's DNS-based threat detection rules can help you secure your applications and infrastructure.

Monitor Azure Functions with the Datadog extension for Azure App Service

Learn how the Datadog extension for Azure App Service provides visibility into your Azure functions.

Analyze wait events and in-flight queries with the Datadog Database List

Learn how you can troubleshoot across your databases with Datadog Database List.

Detect user pain points with Datadog Frustration Signals

Learn how Datadog RUM provides visibility into user frustration to identify points of friction in your ...

Get immediate visibility into Azure Kubernetes Service with Datadog's powerful AKS dashboard

See how our new out-of-the-box AKS dashboard visualizes AKS resource log data, enabling you to monitor your ...

Take control of your telemetry data with Datadog Observability Pipelines

Learn how Datadog Observability Pipelines addresses the common pain points of managing high-volume telemetry ...

Monitor and diagnose network performance issues with SNMP Traps

You can now alert on and troubleshoot SNMP Trap events throughout your network with Datadog Network Device ...

Build compliance, governance, and transparency across your teams with Datadog Audit Trail

Learn how you can monitor user activity throughout the Datadog platform to ensure compliance, optimize best ...

Monitor Content Security Policy violations with Datadog

Get full visibility into CSP reports so you can detect and address misconfigurations that may be affecting ...

Ingest OpenTelemetry traces and metrics with the Datadog Agent

The Datadog Agent supports OpenTelemetry Protocol, enabling you to reliably ingest telemetry from apps that ...

Visualize relationships between your Kubernetes resources with Datadog Live Containers

Learn how our new updates enable you to visualize the relationships between all your Kubernetes infrastructure ...

Monitor Flutter application performance with Datadog Mobile RUM

Get visibility into your Flutter app performance and user experience with Datadog Mobile RUM.

Detect cryptocurrency mining in your environment with Datadog Cloud SIEM

Learn how Datadog can help you identify when an attacker is using your system resources to mine ...

Use formulas and functions in RUM monitors for high-value alerts

Formulas and functions let you alert on RUM data that answers complex questions.

Explore a centralized view into service telemetry, Error Tracking, SLOs, and more

Learn how the APM Service Page can help you streamline your investigations.

Troubleshoot directly from any replay with Browser Dev Tools

Leverage Session Replay Developer Tools to pinpoint the root causes of issues and trace them from the frontend ...

Accelerate incident investigations with Log Anomaly Detection

Learn how Log Anomaly Detection automatically surfaces anomalous patterns in your logs to speed up incident ...

Troubleshoot faster with improved Datadog Events

Learn how the new Events experience makes it easier than ever to track and analyze changes across your ...

Monitor your gRPC APIs with Datadog Synthetic Monitoring

Learn how to monitor the availability of your gRPC services with Datadog Synthetic Monitoring.

Troubleshoot end-to-end tests with CI Visibility and RUM

Now you can use RUM to bring deep context to your CI Visibility test data.

Monitor your hybrid mobile applications with Datadog

Learn how Datadog RUM provides visibility into user journeys and performance metrics from your hybrid apps.

Real-time distributed tracing for .NET Lambda functions

Learn how Datadog APM can help you gain performance insight into your .NET Lambda functions.

Detect suspicious login activity with impossible travel detection rules

Learn how Datadog Cloud SIEM's impossible travel detection rule type can help improve your organization's ...

Monitor the security and compliance posture of your Azure environment with Datadog

Learn how Datadog Cloud Security Posture Management enables you to catch misconfigurations in any of your ...

Create and navigate a documentation library with Notebooks

Learn how new templates and navigation features make it easier to create, manage, and maintain your team's ...

Datadog Serverless Monitoring for Amazon API Gateway, SQS, Kinesis, and more

Learn how Datadog Serverless Monitoring provides end-to-end visibility into the managed AWS services that ...

Introducing Datadog Application Security Management

Datadog Application Security Management empowers security, operations, and development teams to build and run ...

Analyze Ruby code performance with Datadog Continuous Profiler

Learn how our always-on Continuous Profiler can help you optimize your Ruby code in production.

Elevate AWS threat detection with Stratus Red Team

Learn how you can emulate common attack techniques directly in your cloud environment with our new open source ...

Monitor CDN performance within your Synthetic tests

Synthetic Monitoring now shows you which resources are served by CDN providers, helping you troubleshoot slow ...

Datadog achieves FedRAMP Moderate Impact authorization

Learn how public-sector organizations and their partners can use Datadog to securely monitor their cloud data ...

Understand the scope of user impact with Watchdog Impact Analysis

See how many users are affected by service performance issues so that you can troubleshoot more effectively.

Obfuscate user data with Session Replay default privacy settings

Learn how you can analyze real user behavior while keeping sensitive data protected with Session Replay ...

Monitor your Synthetic private locations with Datadog

Learn how Datadog provides complete visibility into the health and performance of your Synthetic private ...

Get better RUM data with our custom React components

Learn how to get more insight into the frontend performance of your React applications with Datadog’s custom ...

Monitor Mobile Vitals with Datadog

Learn how to ensure that your Android applications are providing a smooth experience for users.

Generate span-based metrics to track historical trends in application performance

Learn how to create and use span-based metrics to track, visualize, and alert on long-term performance trends.

Run UDP and WebSocket API tests to monitor latency-critical applications

Learn how Datadog's UDP and WebSocket API tests help you monitor the availability and responsiveness of your ...

Build a modern data compliance strategy with Datadog's Sensitive Data Scanner

Learn how the Sensitive Data Scanner helps you discover, classify, and protect sensitive data in your logs, so ...

Dynamically control your custom metrics volume with Metrics without Limits™

Learn how Metrics without Limits™ enables you to collect the full range of your business-critical custom ...

Automatically discover, map, and monitor all your services in seconds with Universal Service Monitoring

With Universal Service Monitoring, you can get visibility into your entire fleet of services—without touching ...

Extend your Datadog functionality with Datadog Apps

Build and use custom apps that combine functionality from third-party tools with Datadog's monitoring ...

Historical log analysis and investigation with Online Archives

Learn how Online Archives provides easy historical log analysis and investigation with 15-month retention and ...

Improve your on-call experience with Datadog mobile dashboard widgets

Build mobile dashboards to see key on-call information on your phone's home screen.

Introducing Network Device Monitoring

Learn how Network Device Monitoring enables teams to monitor every layer of their network hardware in a ...

Use funnel analysis to understand and optimize key user flows

Learn how to use funnel analysis in Datadog RUM to track conversion rates for key user journeys and identify ...

Explore Azure App Service with the Datadog Serverless view

Learn how to investigate performance issues and optimize costs by inspecting App Service resources in the ...

Resolve AWS Lambda function failures faster by monitoring invocation payloads

Learn how Lambda function request and response payloads can speed up troubleshooting by providing you with ...

Filter dashboards faster with template variable available values

Learn how to get the most out of your dashboards with our new template variable workflow.

Debug iOS crashes efficiently with Datadog RUM

Learn how you can use Datadog RUM and Error Tracking to efficiently track, triage, and troubleshoot iOS ...

Compare and optimize your code with Datadog Profile Comparison

Learn how to measure changes in code performance with Datadog's Profile Comparison.

Release code confidently with Automatic Faulty Deployment Detection

Automatic Faulty Deployment Detection spots new or increased errors in your application.

Detect security threats with anomaly detection rules

Datadog's anomaly detection security rules can help you quickly spot anomalous activity indicating potential ...

Surface and optimize slow performing queries with Datadog Database Monitoring

Learn how Datadog Database Monitoring delivers deep visibility into your databases with historical query ...

Monitor your entire serverless stack in the Serverless view

Learn how you can monitor your entire serverless application from one place with our newly-redesigned ...

Use Datadog Session Replay to view real-time user journeys

Learn how Datadog RUM’s Session Replay lets you view user journeys in real time to take the guesswork out of ...

Monitor your CI pipelines and tests with Datadog CI Visibility

Learn how Datadog CI Visibility lets you monitor the health and performance of your CI builds and test suite.

Troubleshoot faster with process-level app and network data

Easily correlate traces and network data by process ID to pinpoint issues more accurately.

Test multi-factor authentication (MFA) with Synthetic Monitoring

Learn how Datadog Synthetic Monitoring can help you test user journeys that require multi-factor ...

Visualize live dependencies with the Request Flow Map

Learn how Datadog’s Request Flow Map lets you visualize and filter requests between services in real time.

Real-time distributed tracing for Go and Java Lambda Functions

Learn how Datadog provides visibility into the performance of your Go and Java Lambda functions.

Manage incidents on the go with the Datadog mobile app

The Datadog mobile app now lets you declare new incidents and stay up to date on existing ones.

Monitor your cloud architecture and app dependencies with Datadog NPM

Learn how Datadog Network Performance Monitoring helps you monitor cloud dependencies and identify outages.

Use the improved infrastructure list to track your hosts’ health

Learn how the new infrastructure list enables more flexible host queries and helps you correlate monitoring ...

Create powerful data visualizations with the new Datadog dashboards experience

Learn how the new dashboard layout enables you to visualize and correlate your monitoring data with intuitive ...

Use Datadog's Notebooks API to programmatically manage your notebooks

Learn how the Notebooks API lets you create and update your notebooks from within your existing workflows.

Datadog now supports cross-browser synthetic testing

Learn how Synthetic browser tests can help you deliver a consistent experience to Chrome, Firefox, and ...

Correlate software performance and resource consumption with new saved views in Live Processes

Live Processes tracks third-party software throughout your infrastructure.

Speed up your dashboard workflow with dynamic template variable syntax

Learn how to use dynamic template variable syntax to get more functionality out of fewer template variables.

Automatically create and manage Kubernetes alerts with Datadog

Learn how to use Datadog's custom resource definitions to automatically create, manage, and deploy alerts for ...

Datadog Mobile RUM now supports React Native monitoring

Get visibility into errors, latency, and more—and improve user experience.

Datadog NPM now monitors traffic to Amazon S3, Google Cloud BigQuery, and other managed cloud services

Learn how Datadog automatically detects your managed third-party services for visibility into the health and ...

Detect anomalous activity in your environment with new value–based Detection Rules

Learn how to use Datadog Cloud SIEM's new value detection method to monitor baseline activity across your ...

Trace AWS event-driven serverless applications with Datadog APM

Learn about Datadog APM’s latest enhancements for AWS serverless tracing.

Introducing wildcard-filtered metric queries

Gain more control over your querying scope with dynamic wildcard filters.

Augmented troubleshooting with Watchdog Insights

Watchdog Insights surfaces clues and helps reduce MTTR—and now supports Log Management.

Use Datadog geomaps to visualize your app data by location

Learn how geomaps can help you identify problems and guide decision-making using country codes.

Group your logs to analyze processes with Log Transaction Queries

Learn how to use Datadog's Transaction Queries feature to combine log events with shared attributes into ...

Introducing the Datadog quick nav menu

Use the quick nav menu to quickly find and access the resources you need in Datadog.

Monitor Core Web Vitals with Datadog RUM and Synthetic Monitoring

Learn how to use RUM and Synthetic browser tests to monitor your site's Core Web Vitals scores and optimize ...

Use associated template variables to refine your dashboards

Filter your data and focus your dashboards with associated template variables.

Datadog automatically surfaces actionable insights into your Lambda functions

Learn how Datadog can provide you immediate actionable insights into the state of your AWS Lambda functions.

Automated root cause analysis with Watchdog RCA

Learn how Watchdog can automatically identify the root cause of performance issues across your stack.

Share Datadog dashboards securely with anyone outside of your organization

Learn how to grant specific individuals access to your dashboards, and use time selectors and template ...

Monitor your workflows with Datadog SSL, TCP, and multistep API tests

Learn how you can monitor key workflows from end to end with Datadog's API tests.

Explore your data effortlessly with the Datadog Clipboard

Keep signals across contexts and streamline incident, dashboard, and notebook creation.

Tell data-driven stories with Collaborative Notebooks

Learn how Datadog Notebooks support live editing and comments so teams can collaborate to build rich, ...

Accelerate security investigations with Datadog Threat Intelligence

Learn how to use Datadog's turn-key threat intelligence to surface potential threats and triage security ...

Monitor Windows hosts with Network Performance Monitoring

Use Network Performance Monitoring for Windows to monitor multi-OS network performance.

Debug application issues with APM and Network Performance Monitoring

Learn how to leverage Datadog Network Performance Monitoring alongside APM to debug your applications.

Monitor Amazon EC2 Mac Instances

Use Datadog to monitor your macOS-based Amazon EC2 instances alongside your entire application development ...

Secure your infrastructure in real time with Datadog Cloud Workload Security

Learn how you can use Datadog to secure your cloud infrastructure and production workloads.

Manage CloudFront real-time logs in Datadog

Use Datadog to analyze real-time logs from your CloudFront distribution.

Monitor DNS with Datadog

Monitor the volume, latency, and error rate of your DNS traffic with Datadog.

Generate process metrics to analyze historical trends in resource consumption

Learn how you can create metrics from your hosts’ processes to track long-term resource consumption trends ...

Monitor serverless configuration changes with Datadog Deployment Tracking

Use Datadog's Deployment Tracking to monitor the impact of code and configuration changes on the performance ...

Datadog Distributed Tracing: live-query all ingested traces, retain only the ones you need

Learn how Datadog Distributed Tracing eliminates the trade-off between visibility and cost by enabling you to search and analyze 100 percent of your ingested traces in real time and keep all high-value traces with tag-based retention filters.

Add more context to your logs with Reference Tables

Learn how to use Reference Tables to connect business-critical data to your application logs for faster ...

Incident Management with Datadog

Datadog Incident Management combines a unified UI for tracking incidents with a suite of enhanced features for ...

Monitor code deployments with Deployment Tracking in Datadog APM

Learn how Datadog can help you track the performance of your code deployments.

Watchdog detects Kubernetes anomalies and surfaces root causes

Watchdog automatically helps with root cause analysis and detects Kubernetes anomalies.

Introducing Boolean-filtered metric queries

Boolean operators enable you write more concise, expressive metric queries.

Monitor AWS GovCloud (US) with Datadog

Datadog is now authorized to handle your AWS GovCloud (US) monitoring operations.

Explore Kubernetes resources with Datadog Live Containers

Learn how to gain a comprehensive view of your Kubernetes environments with Datadog.

Enable preconfigured alerts with Recommended Monitors

Add preconfigured alert queries and thresholds to your monitoring workflow with Recommended Monitors.

Improve mobile user experience with Datadog Mobile Real User Monitoring

Learn how you can use Datadog Mobile RUM to detect errors and crashes, improve performance, and understand ...

Incorporate Datadog Synthetic tests into your CI/CD pipeline

Add Datadog Synthetic tests to your CI/CD pipeline in order to catch issues before they impact your users.

Introducing Datadog Cloud Security Posture Management

Detect and analyze cloud asset misconfigurations and unify your security, developer, and operations teams with Datadog Cloud Security Posture Management.

Make sense of application issues with Datadog Error Tracking

Datadog Error Tracking gives you the context you need to triage and troubleshoot issues.

Monitor your Windows containers with Datadog

Learn how you can use Datadog to monitor your containerized Windows applications in any environment.

Introducing the Datadog mobile app

Make on-call easier with instant access to your dashboards and alerts from anywhere.

Stream logs to Datadog with Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose

Learn how to easily stream your AWS service logs with Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose and Datadog.

Datadog API client libraries now available for Java and Go

Use our API client libraries to programmatically collect, search, and update your monitoring data.

Introducing the Datadog IoT Agent

Learn how our lightweight IoT Agent can help you meet your IoT device monitoring needs.

Test on-premise applications with Datadog Synthetic private locations

Proactively verify the performance of business-critical applications from locations in your private network.

HIPAA-compliant observability and security for health information systems

Datadog's HIPAA-compliant observability and security solution enables healthcare organizations to securely ...

Test file uploads and downloads with Datadog Synthetic browser tests

Synthetic browser tests allow you to verify that users are able to perform transactions on your web ...

Introducing template variable saved views for dashboards

Saved views let anyone in your organization save sets of selected template variables so they can filter dashboards with one click and quickly view the data they need.

Introducing the Datadog Operator for Kubernetes and OpenShift

The Datadog Operator automatically manages Datadog Agents across your Kubernetes and OpenShift clusters.

Automatically detect error and latency patterns with Watchdog Insights for APM

Learn how Watchdog Insights can quickly pinpoint issues and reduce your MTTR.

Use domain resolution to monitor cloud and external endpoints

Datadog Network Performance Monitoring now resolves IPs to human-readable domains, so you can get enhanced ...

Introducing DogStatsD Mapper

Use DogStatsD Mapper to generate tags for all of your StatsD-formatted metrics.

Monitor email workflows with Datadog Synthetic browser tests

Learn how you can use browser tests to monitor critical workflows that generate email.

Monitor SNMP with Datadog

Learn how to monitor your SNMP enabled network devices with Datadog.

Distributed tracing for AWS Lambda with Datadog APM

Get comprehensive visibility across all your Lambda functions to optimize application performance with native ...

Analyze code performance in production with Datadog Continuous Profiler

Dive down to the code level to improve application performance and reduce infrastructure cost with Datadog ...

Generate metrics from your logs to view historical trends and track SLOs

Learn how to use log-based metrics to avoid the difficulties of indexing and searching high-volume logs.

Watchdog for Infra automatically detects infrastructure anomalies

Watchdog automatically detects anomalies in your infrastructure without any configuration.

Speed up your root cause analysis with Metric Correlations

If you identify a possible issue, Metric Correlations suggests which parts of your system are likely to be ...

Introducing Datadog Agent 7

Learn more about the next major version of Datadog Agent 7 and some new tools for migrating your custom Python ...

Introducing Datadog Real User Monitoring

Real User Monitoring (RUM) gives you end-to-end visibility into the activity and experience of real users.

Announcing Datadog Security Monitoring

Monitor possible threats and unify your security, developer, and operations teams.

What's next for monitoring Kubernetes

Datadog tags traces from your clusters and imports your OpenMetrics histograms as distribution metrics.

Introducing dark mode for Datadog

You can now monitor your infrastructure and applications with our new (darker) look.

Efficiently retrieve old logs with Datadog's Log Rehydration™

Learn how to restore, search, and analyze your archived logs using Datadog's Log Rehydration™.

The future of tracing is open

Datadog is pleased to contribute our tracing libraries to the OpenTelemetry project to advance open source, ...

Troubleshoot .NET apps with auto-correlated traces and logs

Datadog automatically links your .NET logs and request traces, so you can get full context about user-facing ...

Copy and paste widgets to share data across teams and dashboards

Collaborate on dashboards with the copy/paste widgets feature.

Understand, explore, and collaborate with Dashboard Details

Read about various dashboard features, discover similar dashboards for extra context, and find power users for ...

Unify logs across data sources with Datadog’s customizable naming convention

Our common schema standardizes your log data so you have full coverage of your infrastructure.

Monitor JavaScript console logs and user activity with Datadog

Track errors and user events in context with backend metrics, traces, and logs.

Introducing Datadog Network Performance Monitoring

Break down network traffic between any tagged objects and map the flow of data across your environment.

Introducing Metrics from Logs and Log Rehydration™

Generate metrics from all of your logs and reload logs from archives with our latest additions to Logging ...

Explore your data in full-screen graph mode

Dive into your dashboard graphs to explore historical context, apply machine learning algorithms, and more.

Java runtime monitoring with JVM metrics in Datadog APM

JVM runtime metrics provide detailed context for troubleshooting Java application performance issues.

Install updated Datadog integrations as they become available

You can now update compatible Datadog integrations between Agent releases to make use of the newest ...

Correlate request logs with traces automatically

Datadog automatically links your distributed request traces to logs from the same transaction for end-to-end ...

User experience monitoring with Datadog Synthetic browser tests

Easily set up automated, self-maintaining browser tests for complex user journeys in your application.

PHP monitoring with Datadog APM and distributed tracing

APM for PHP increases your visibility into the whole web stack.

Monitor custom serverless metrics with the Datadog Lambda extension

Learn how to create and send custom metrics from your serverless functions to Datadog.

Datadog for Serverless: End-to-end visibility for modern applications

The Serverless view brings together metrics, traces, and logs from your serverless functions.

Introducing Datadog Synthetic Monitoring

Synthetic tests simulates user actions to help you ensure uptime, identify regional issues, and track ...

Introducing the Datadog Cluster Agent

The Cluster Agent streamlines the collection of monitoring data from container clusters and enables powerful ...

Autoscale Kubernetes workloads with any Datadog metric or custom query

Learn how to autoscale Kubernetes applications with Datadog.

Log Patterns: Automatically cluster your logs for faster investigation

The new Log Patterns view helps you quickly interpret your logs and refine your log management setup.

Track the status of all your SLOs in Datadog

Datadog's SLO view and dashboard widgets allow you to visualize performance against service level objectives.

Log analytics and dashboarding in Datadog

Advanced log analytics in Datadog enables you to seamlessly unite your log data with metrics from your ...

Datadog APM gains 3 superpowers: App Analytics, Service Map & Watchdog

With three major new features and support for numerous languages and frameworks, Datadog APM is more powerful ...

Auto-smooth noisy metrics to reveal trends

Datadog's new Auto Smoother function makes it simple to smooth out noisy metrics without losing sight of the ...

Introducing the Service Map in Datadog

Learn how to identify bottlenecks and observe service dependencies.

Announcing Windows support in Datadog process monitoring

We're pleased to announce that Datadog's Live Process monitoring is now available for Windows.

Node.js monitoring with Datadog APM and distributed tracing

Debug and optimize your Node.js applications with service-level overviews and distributed request tracing.

Explore high-cardinality trace data with App Analytics

Learn how to filter and analyze high-cardinality APM data with Datadog.

Introducing Logging without Limits™

Learn how to to cost-effectively collect, explore, and archive logs.

Watchdog: Auto-detect performance anomalies without setting alerts

Watchdog uses machine learning to sniff out potential performance problems without any setup or configuration.

Announcing Go tracer v1.0.0

The latest version includes distributed request tracing and other features and improvements.

Introducing the container map view in Datadog

The container map is a brand-new way to visualize, explore, and debug your dynamic container infrastructure.

New in Datadog: Managing integrations via API calls

Programmatically manage your Datadog integrations for AWS, Slack, PagerDuty, and custom webhooks.

Announcing log processing and analytics in Datadog

Powerful log management has now been fully integrated into the Datadog platform.

Announcing APM & distributed tracing for Java applications

Monitor and optimize your Java applications with Datadog APM and distributed tracing.

New in Datadog: Add context to request traces with host metrics

View host metrics side-by-side with request traces to get more context for application troubleshooting.

New in Datadog: Organize your dashboards with lists

Reduce noise by grouping your favorite dashboards into lists that you can easily access and share across ...

Introducing metric forecasts for predictive monitoring in Datadog

Forecasts predict your metrics' future behavior, so you can specify how far in advance you want to get ...

Introducing Live Process monitoring in Datadog

Explore, inspect, and monitor every running process in your distributed infrastructure with the new Live ...

Datadog + OpenTracing: Embracing the open standard for APM

We are pleased to announce that Datadog is adopting the OpenTracing standard for distributed tracing.

Query value widgets: Now with animated GIFs

Use conditional formatting to jazz up your query value widgets with custom images.

Introducing recovery thresholds for metric alerts

Clarify your alerts by specifying how much a metric’s value should improve before an issue is resolved.

3 scenarios where machine learning makes for smarter alerts

Watch these videos to learn how your apps and infrastructure can benefit from automated, algorithmic ...

Introducing Live Container monitoring

Monitor and explore your entire container infrastructure in real time with the new Live Container view in ...

How Peloton ensures a smooth ride for a growing user base

Peloton uses Datadog APM to reduce latency in their user-facing, real-time cycling application.

Resolve incidents faster with Datadog’s new Triggered Monitors page

Investigate and resolve alerts in real time with the new Triggered Monitors page.

New feature roundup: Alerting

Let's take a look at some of our newer alerting features, including anomaly detection and composite monitors.

New feature roundup: Integrations and data collection

In this series, we will highlight noteworthy features and enhancements we added over the past year.

New feature roundup: Visualization and collaboration

Notebooks and flame graphs are among Datadog's latest and greatest visualization and collaboration features.

Introducing service-level alerts in Datadog APM

Create service-level application alerts in Datadog with our new APM monitors.

New in Datadog: Search, filter, and find your monitors faster

Browse, search, and organize your Datadog monitors with the new Manage Monitors page.

Introducing composite monitors

Refine your infrastructure alerting with composite monitors for fewer, richer, more actionable alerts. Try it ...

Announcing next-generation APM

To troubleshoot modern applications, you need to understand both the code and the infrastructure

Introducing new scaled algorithms for improved outlier detection

Our new outlier detection algorithms take magnitude and dispersion into account for better alerting.

Data-driven storytelling with Datadog Notebooks

Create rich, shareable postmortems and runbooks with the new Notebooks feature.

Introducing anomaly detection in Datadog

Anomaly detection analyzes recent metric patterns to identify abnormalities.

Add Datadog to PagerDuty

On-call teams, rejoice! PagerDuty’s Add-ons puts the power of Datadog dashboards and graphs directly within ...

Automatically summarize alert barrages with Alert Rollup

Limit in their tracks with Datadog's new Alert Rollup, which delivers concise, notification summaries to your ...

Visualizing trends with regression lines

When you care more about how a metric is trending over time and less about its exact value at every instant, ...

Autodiscovery: Tracking services across ephemeral containers

You can now continuously monitor your Docker infrastructure even as it expands, contracts, and shifts across ...

Units and descriptions: Understand any metric

We've just rolled out a comprehensive metadata catalog, with measurement units and brief descriptions for some ...

Monitor View: A window into Datadog's monitoring engine

Monitor view lets you see your data through Datadog's eyes, making it easier than ever to identify the exact ...

Host Maps just got better

Host Maps let you see all of your hosts together in one place, and today we have released four new features ...

Tiered alerts: Urgency-aware alerting

With Datadog's new tiered alerts, you can trigger notifications that go to different people, or via different ...

Event alerts: another way to trigger notifications

Learn how you can be alerted when a specific event occurs with Datadog's new event alerts.

Introducing outlier detection in Datadog

Datadog's new outlier detection feature allows you to automatically identify any host (or group of hosts) that ...

Outlier detection in Datadog: A look at the algorithms

Technical details behind the implementation of the DBSCAN and MAD algorithms for automated outlier detection ...

Introducing Change Graphs: Compare metrics over time

Change Graphs are designed to help you instantly measure changes by highlighting differences in your metrics ...

New monitor status page: From alert to investigation in one click

The monitor status page allows you to quickly pinpoint performance issues as soon as you're alerted to a ...

Monitor process resource consumption at a glance

Monitor process resource consumption alongside your aggregate host-level resource consumption with Datadog.

Introducing developer mode for the Agent

Developer mode allows developers all over the world contribute to the open-source Datadog Agent with an easy ...

Send custom events from your Microsoft .NET application

Events can now be sent straight from Microsoft .NET to DogStatsD. This allows you to correlate events ...

Introducing cluster-level service monitoring

Service monitoring lets you set alerts that trigger when a percentage of servers in a given cluster experience ...

Host Maps part 2: quick guide

Learn a new way of using Datadog to understand what is happening on all your hosts right now to make your ...

Introducing Host Maps: know thy infrastructure

See all of your hosts together on one screen, grouped and filtered however you want, with metrics made ...

Mute Datadog alerts for planned downtime

Learn how muting alerts during planned downtime can help you more easily identify the most critical issues ...

Introducing availability monitoring for Windows Services

Learn how you can have full visibility into Windows Services availability status (up or down) and can get ...

Introducing JMX custom tagging

JMX custom tagging is now a reality! Create custom tags that are more descriptive and helpful. Learn more.

Introducing Availability Monitoring

Availability Monitoring introduces five new kinds of monitors on top of existing metric-based ones to know ...

Sending Datadog Events via Email

Learn how to send your performance monitoring events from all of your applications to Datadog via email. Free ...

Easy ranking with the new Top Lists

Identify and understand the best- or worst-performing components in your infrastructure with Top Lists for ...

Datadog Agent 5.0: dead-simple installation, large-scale Docker support

The new Agent expands OS support and metric collection for new and existing integrations, including ...

See all metrics at a glance with the new host summary panel

We're excited to announce the addition of the host summary panel, which is a new tool to simplify the process ...

Troubleshoot your monitoring with Agent check status reporting

We now have at-a-glance Agent check status information to report integration issues in your hosts monitored by ...

Gain more control of alert notifications with new alerting features

Re-notifications and muted alert notifications for maintenance windows give you better control over your IT ...

Filter your Datadog Events Stream to pinpoint issues in your infrastructure

Learn how the Datadog Events Stream's search and filter functionality allows you filter out alerting "noise" ...

Visualize StatsD metrics with Counts Graphing

Counts graphing is a new Datadog tool that will make it easier for you to choose the right visualization for ...

Single Sign On Now Available for Datadog using SAML

Single Sign On is now available for Datadog using SAML. Learn how to enable the single sign on feature in ...

Customize graphs and dashboards with graph markers

Graph markers give you the power to further customize your dashboard graphs making it easier to interpret the ...

Rank and filter performance metrics with top() function

The top() family of functions give you the power to rank, filter and visualize your performance metrics to ...

More metrics, more visibility with the new Datadog Agent

The new Datadog Agent collects more metrics from existing integrations, in order to provide Datadog users with ...

Don't fear the Agent: Agent-based monitoring

By using Agent-based monitoring, you get the nitty-gritty details faster than polling a service and relying on ...

Detecting outliers in cloud infrastructure with Datadog heatmaps

Datadog's new heatmaps use color brightness as a third dimension to let you instantly identify patterns for a ...

Triggered Alerts in Datadog - providing context to alerts

Datadog's new Triggered Alert screen works to make available important contextual information with one click ...

StatsD for .NET: DogStatsD

Alongside our Microsoft Event Viewer, IIS, and SQL Server integrations, you are now able to monitor custom ...

StatsD, what it is and how it can help you

Learn what StatsD is, how it works, what sets it apart from the rest and what problems it solves.

ScreenBoards: Your data, your way, in seconds

ScreenBoards. Did the world need yet another dashboard? Yes!

Decrypt Devops alerts with contextual graphs, runbooks and routing

We redesigned alerting in a way that any alert would make immediate sense to the recipient.

Daily Digests - Understand a Day's App Performance in Seconds

Announcing the release of Datadog's new Daily Digest functionality, which allows for you to see a day's app ...