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Analyze multiple user journeys with the Datadog Sankey visualization

By displaying the paths your users have taken to or from a page, the Sankey visualization helps you design ...

Measure long-term user engagement with Datadog Retention Analysis

Learn how Datadog Retention Analysis helps you visualize fluctuations in user engagement and uncover critical ...

Datadog announces commitment to achieving FedRAMP High and Impact Level 5 authorizations

Learn how Datadog’s commitment to achieving these authorizations will help public-sector organizations ...

Organize and analyze related session replays with Playlists in Datadog RUM

Learn how to group and organize related session replays with Playlists.

Visualize user interactions with your pages by using Scroll Maps in Datadog Heatmaps

Scroll Maps show you how far users scroll down a page, helping you gain insights into user interactions and ...

Improve your API test coverage with Datadog Synthetic Monitoring

Learn how to monitor your API tests with Datadog Synthetic Monitoring to ensure all your endpoints are fully ...

Manage API performance, security, and ownership with Datadog API Catalog

Learn how Datadog API Catalog enables you to build a comprehensive knowledge base of your APIs, monitor their ...

Monitor your mobile tests with Sofy’s offering in the Datadog Marketplace

Learn how to monitor mobile testing data and enhance your mobile app performance with the Sofy integration.

Create browser tests directly from Datadog RUM Session Replay

Learn how you can add instant value to your testing workflows by creating new browser tests in Datadog RUM ...

Easily test and monitor your mobile applications with Datadog Mobile Application Testing

Datadog's Mobile Application Testing provides no-code tooling for creating, maintaining, and running mobile ...

Visualize user journeys using Datadog Mobile Session Replay

Mobile Session Replay provides a video-like reproduction of real user journeys through your apps, helping ...

Optimize your frontend monitoring strategy with Datadog Synthetic Monitoring and RUM

Learn how combining observability data from Datadog RUM and Synthetic Monitoring can help you design more ...

Automatically identify and efficiently investigate frontend issues with RUM Watchdog Insights

Learn how to use Watchdog Insights to identify and investigate issues more efficiently in Datadog RUM.

Monitor your Roku channels with Datadog RUM

Learn how Datadog RUM now enables you to monitor your Roku channels.

Ensure release safety with feature flag tracking in Datadog RUM

Feature flag tracking is a new Datadog RUM capability that enriches your RUM data with feature flag tags, ...

Troubleshoot faulty frontend deployments with Deployment Tracking in RUM

Learn how you can quickly identify issues introduced in recent deployments with RUM Deployment Tracking.

Visualize user behavior with Datadog Click Maps

Learn how you can analyze behavioral patterns in user clicks with Datadog Click Maps.

Correlate Datadog RUM events with traces from OTel-instrumented applications

Learn how added support for W3C and B3 headers helps you gain full-stack visibility into your ...

Identify and resolve incidents faster with InsightFinder’s offering in the Datadog Marketplace

Learn how to visualize Insightfinder's incident predictions and coordinate an incident response in Datadog ...

Best practices for continuous testing with Datadog

Learn how Datadog Continuous Testing can help you implement best practices for verifying application ...

Configure pipeline alerts with Datadog CI monitors

Learn how to get notified immediately when a pipeline breaks using Datadog CI Monitors.

Stress test your Kubernetes application with Speedscale’s offering in the Datadog Marketplace

Visualize your application performance against snapshots of real-time traffic in Datadog with the Speedscale ...

Identify and redact sensitive data in APM, RUM, and Events stream with Sensitive Data Scanner

Learn how the Datadog Sensitive Data Scanner enables you to identify and manage sensitive data leaks across ...

Monitor user-facing bugs with LambdaTest’s subscription in the Datadog Marketplace

Track key testing metrics and mark frontend bugs as Datadog incidents using the LambdaTest integration.

Track your test coverage with Datadog RUM and Synthetic Monitoring

Learn how Datadog RUM can help you understand your Synthetic test coverage and identify untested workflows.

How Datadog's Technical Solutions team uses RUM, Session Replay, and Error Tracking to resolve customer issues

Learn how Datadog's Technical Solutions team uses our own products to enhance their customer support and ...

Monitor your GitHub Actions workflows with Datadog CI Visibility

Learn how Datadog can help you identify slow jobs and failing builds with the GitHub Actions integration.

Run Synthetic tests in your CI/CD pipelines with the Datadog CircleCI orb

Automate Synthetic testing and monitor the results in your CI/CD pipelines, preempting issues arising from ...

Monitor Flutter application performance with Datadog Mobile RUM

Get visibility into your Flutter app performance and user experience with Datadog Mobile RUM.

Best practices for monitoring mobile app performance

Learn some key best practices for monitoring your iOS and Android apps.

Use formulas and functions in RUM monitors for high-value alerts

Formulas and functions let you alert on RUM data that answers complex questions.

Troubleshoot directly from any replay with Browser Dev Tools

Leverage Session Replay Developer Tools to pinpoint the root causes of issues and trace them from the frontend ...

Monitor your gRPC APIs with Datadog Synthetic Monitoring

Learn how to monitor the availability of your gRPC services with Datadog Synthetic Monitoring.

Troubleshoot end-to-end tests with CI Visibility and RUM

Now you can use RUM to bring deep context to your CI Visibility test data.

Monitor your hybrid mobile applications with Datadog

Learn how Datadog RUM provides visibility into user journeys and performance metrics from your hybrid apps.

Monitor CDN performance within your Synthetic tests

Synthetic Monitoring now shows you which resources are served by CDN providers, helping you troubleshoot slow ...

Datadog achieves FedRAMP Moderate Impact authorization

Learn how public-sector organizations and their partners can use Datadog to securely monitor their cloud data ...

Run Datadog Synthetic tests in your Jenkins pipelines

Learn how to automate Synthetic testing in your Jenkins pipelines and monitor test results in Datadog.

Run Synthetic tests in CI/CD with the new Datadog GitHub Action

Automate Synthetic testing and monitor the results in your CI/CD pipelines with Datadog’s GitHub Action.

Monitor your Synthetic private locations with Datadog

Learn how Datadog provides complete visibility into the health and performance of your Synthetic private ...

Get better RUM data with our custom React components

Learn how to get more insight into the frontend performance of your React applications with Datadog’s custom ...

Monitor Mobile Vitals with Datadog

Learn how to ensure that your mobile applications are providing a smooth experience for users.

Run UDP and WebSocket API tests to monitor latency-critical applications

Learn how Datadog's UDP and WebSocket API tests help you monitor the availability and responsiveness of your ...

Debug iOS crashes efficiently with Datadog RUM

Learn how you can use Datadog RUM and Error Tracking to efficiently track, triage, and troubleshoot iOS ...

Monitor your Netlify sites with Datadog

Learn how to use Datadog to collect function and traffic logs to monitor your Netlify-powered applications.

Use Datadog Session Replay to view real-time user journeys

Learn how Datadog RUM’s Session Replay lets you view user journeys in real time to take the guesswork out of ...

Test internal applications with Datadog's testing tunnel and private locations

Learn how Datadog's testing tunnel and private locations support your internal application monitoring and ...

Test multi-factor authentication (MFA) with Synthetic Monitoring

Learn how Datadog Synthetic Monitoring can help you test user journeys that require multi-factor ...

Monitor Vercel Serverless Functions with Datadog

Learn how to use Datadog to monitor your Vercel-powered sites.

Datadog now supports cross-browser synthetic testing

Learn how Synthetic browser tests can help you deliver a consistent experience to Chrome, Firefox, and ...

Best practices for modern frontend monitoring

Learn strategies and tools for monitoring complex single-page applications.

Datadog Mobile RUM now supports React Native monitoring

Get visibility into errors, latency, and more—and improve user experience.

Debug Android crashes faster with Datadog

Learn how Datadog can help you identify the root cause of crashes for Android applications.

Use Datadog geomaps to visualize your app data by location

Learn how geomaps can help you identify problems and guide decision-making using country codes.

Monitor Core Web Vitals with Datadog RUM and Synthetic Monitoring

Learn how to use RUM and Synthetic browser tests to monitor your site's Core Web Vitals scores and optimize ...

Monitor your workflows with Datadog SSL, TCP, and multistep API tests

Learn how you can monitor key workflows from end to end with Datadog's API tests.

End-to-end application monitoring with Datadog

See all request traces and application telemetry in one place for faster troubleshooting.

Unify APM and RUM data for full-stack visibility

Datadog automatically links distributed traces to real-user data, giving you end-to-end visibility for faster ...

Monitor DNS with Datadog

Monitor the volume, latency, and error rate of your DNS traffic with Datadog.

Improve mobile user experience with Datadog Mobile Real User Monitoring

Learn how you can use Datadog Mobile RUM to detect errors and crashes, improve performance, and understand ...

Incorporate Datadog Synthetic tests into your CI/CD pipeline

Add Datadog Synthetic tests to your CI/CD pipeline in order to catch issues before they impact your users.

Make sense of application issues with Datadog Error Tracking

Datadog Error Tracking gives you the context you need to triage and troubleshoot issues.

Best practices for maintaining end-to-end tests

Learn how to promote test maintainability as well as ensure a consistent, reliable user experience for your ...

Test on-premise applications with Datadog Synthetic private locations

Proactively verify the performance of business-critical applications from locations in your private network.

Best practices for creating end-to-end tests

Learn how you can make browser tests more efficient with our best practices guide.

Test file uploads and downloads with Datadog Synthetic browser tests

Synthetic browser tests allow you to verify that users are able to perform transactions on your web ...

Monitor email workflows with Datadog Synthetic browser tests

Learn how you can use browser tests to monitor critical workflows that generate email.

Introducing Datadog Real User Monitoring

Real User Monitoring (RUM) gives you end-to-end visibility into the activity and experience of real users.

Integrate Akamai mPulse real user monitoring with Datadog

Bring end user experience metrics into Datadog with our new integration.

Monitor JavaScript console logs and user activity with Datadog

Track errors and user events in context with backend metrics, traces, and logs.

What Product Designers Can Learn From Explanatory Journalism

How to be a better designer by being a better explainer.

Simplify customer support with Datadog’s integrations for Zendesk

Learn how to track customer experience as your organization scales.