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Monitor highly regulated workloads with Datadog's FIPS-enabled Agent

Learn how Datadog automatically encrypts Agent payloads based on the Federal Information Protection Standard.

Centrally govern and remotely manage Datadog Agents at scale with Fleet Automation

Centralize and simplify configuration at scale and gain visibility into the health of your Agents.

Ingest OpenTelemetry logs with the Datadog Agent

Learn how to use the Datadog Agent to directly ingest OTLP logs from your OpenTelemetry-instrumented ...

Easily install the Datadog Agent using AWS Systems Manager

Datadog's one-click Agent install is available from the AWS SSM marketplace, making it easier than ever to ...

Interview with Uroš Gruber

An interview with Uroš Gruber, life-long technologist and maintainer of the FreeBSD port of the Datadog Agent.

Deploy ASP.NET Core applications to Azure App Service

Learn how to automatically instrument your .NET Core applications deployed on Azure App Service.

Monitor containerized ASP.NET Core applications with Datadog APM

Learn how to automatically instrument your .NET Core applications deployed on Linux or Window containers.

Monitor kube-state-metrics v2.0 with Datadog

Learn how to update your Datadog Cluster Agent configuration to monitor kube-state-metrics v2.0.

Introducing the Datadog IoT Agent

Learn how our lightweight IoT Agent can help you meet your IoT device monitoring needs.

Introducing the Datadog Operator for Kubernetes and OpenShift

The Datadog Operator automatically manages Datadog Agents across your Kubernetes and OpenShift clusters.

Introducing DogStatsD Mapper

Use DogStatsD Mapper to generate tags for all of your StatsD-formatted metrics.

Introducing Datadog Agent 7

Learn more about the next major version of Datadog Agent 7 and some new tools for migrating your custom Python ...