Dashboards | Datadog

Use associated template variables to refine your dashboards

Filter your data and focus your dashboards with associated template variables.

Share Datadog dashboards securely with anyone outside of your organization

Learn how to grant specific individuals access to your dashboards, and use time selectors and template ...

Explore your data effortlessly with the Datadog Clipboard

Keep signals across contexts and streamline incident, dashboard, and notebook creation.

Introducing Boolean-filtered metric queries

Boolean operators enable you write more concise, expressive metric queries.

Introducing template variable saved views for dashboards

Saved views let anyone in your organization save sets of selected template variables so they can filter dashboards with one click and quickly view the data they need.

Copy and paste widgets to share data across teams and dashboards

Collaborate on dashboards with the copy/paste widgets feature.

Understand, explore, and collaborate with Dashboard Details

Read about various dashboard features, discover similar dashboards for extra context, and find power users for ...

Datadog in the wild: 5 fun projects

From beer consumption to sleeping, restroom availability to energy use, community members are using monitoring ...

Dashing Dashboard Competition

Have you built beautiful dashboards with Datadog? If so, the Datadog team would love to showcase your hard ...

Units and descriptions: Understand any metric

We've just rolled out a comprehensive metadata catalog, with measurement units and brief descriptions for some ...

Customize Graphs and Dashboards with Graph Markers

Graph Markers give you the power to further customize your dashboard graphs and ScreenBoards making it easier ...

ScreenBoards: Your data, your way, in seconds

ScreenBoards. Did the world need yet another dashboard? Yes!