Configuration Management | Datadog

Automate Agent installation with the Datadog Ansible collection

Learn how to automatically install the Datadog Agent on managed hosts with the Datadog Ansible collection.

How to deploy the Datadog Agent on Windows with Ansible

Learn how to automatically deploy and configure the Datadog Agent on Windows hosts using Ansible inventories ...

Authorize your Datadog integrations with OAuth

Datadog integrations are now backed by OAuth, allowing data to flow back and forth seamlessly and securely ...

Datadog NPM now supports Consul networking

Monitor traffic in your Consul cluster to detect configuration and performance problems.

How to install Datadog on AWS hosts with Ansible dynamic inventories

Learn how to use Ansible dynamic inventories to automatically install the Datadog Agent on multiple AWS hosts.

Key metrics for monitoring Consul

Use these key metrics to make sure Consul is giving your clusters access to up-to-date information.

Consul monitoring tools

See your overall Consul cluster status, then go deeper with telemetry sinks, logging, and profiling.

How to monitor Consul with Datadog

Monitor metrics and logs from all of your Consul hosts in a single platform with Datadog.

Deploying and configuring Datadog with Chef roles

Learn how to use Chef roles to install and configure the Datadog Agent for automated monitoring of your ...

How to automate Ansible reporting + deployment of the Datadog Agent

This step-by-step guide shows you how to deploy Datadog with Ansible, and get real-time Ansible reporting in ...

Puppet + Datadog: Automate + monitor your systems

Monitor Puppet with Datadog's new integration to gain visibility into its performance as it defines, manages, ...

Monitor your AWS OpsWorks configuration management

Monitor AWS OpsWorks metrics with Datadog to visualize and assess how effectively OpsWorks is managing your ...