Collaboration | Datadog

Track changes to Datadog dashboards and notebooks with version history

Learn how you can use version history to confidently experiment with Datadog dashboards and notebooks.

Leverage collaborative screen sharing with Datadog CoScreen

Learn how CoScreen helps remote and hybrid teams collaborate in real time by merging their desktop ...

Datadog acquires CoScreen

Datadog has acquired CoScreen, a powerful tool for real-time collaboration.

Use Datadog's GitHub and source code integrations to streamline troubleshooting

Learn how Datadog's Github and source code integrations can help you enrich your monitoring data.

Understand the scope of user impact with Watchdog Impact Analysis

See how many users are affected by service performance issues so that you can troubleshoot more effectively.

Use Datadog's Notebooks API to programmatically manage your notebooks

Learn how the Notebooks API lets you create and update your notebooks from within your existing workflows.

Share Datadog dashboards securely with anyone outside of your organization

Learn how to grant specific individuals access to your dashboards, and use time selectors and template ...

Explore your data effortlessly with the Datadog Clipboard

Keep signals across contexts and streamline incident, dashboard, and notebook creation.

Tell data-driven stories with Collaborative Notebooks

Learn how Datadog Notebooks support live editing and comments so teams can collaborate to build rich, ...

Streamline communication workflows with the Datadog Slack integration

Learn how to keep teams up to speed with minimal context switching by harnessing your telemetry data and ...

Add Datadog alerts to your xMatters incident workflows

Use Datadog to level up your xMatters incident management workflow.

Integrate Alibaba's DingTalk with Datadog for faster troubleshooting

Send Datadog alerts and widgets to DingTalk to collaborate and troubleshoot quickly with your team.

Understand, explore, and collaborate with Dashboard Details

Read about various dashboard features, discover similar dashboards for extra context, and find power users for ...

Integrate Datadog with Google Hangouts Chat

Use Google Hangouts Chat to quickly share and collaborate on Datadog alerts and metrics.

New in Datadog: Organize your dashboards with lists

Reduce noise by grouping your favorite dashboards into lists that you can easily access and share across ...

New feature roundup: Visualization and collaboration

Notebooks and flame graphs are among Datadog's latest and greatest visualization and collaboration features.

Data-driven storytelling with Datadog Notebooks

Create rich, shareable postmortems and runbooks with the new Notebooks feature.

Resolve performance issues faster with Flowdock and Datadog

Find and resolve performance issues in your infrastructure quickly with the new Flowdock integration, which ...

Tiered alerts: Urgency-aware alerting

With Datadog's new tiered alerts, you can trigger notifications that go to different people, or via different ...

Datadog and Moxtra: Tracking performance the right way

Need help tracking infrastructure performance? Datadog x Moxtra provide an agile solution to ensure your team ...

Solve performance problems faster with Campfire and Datadog

Bring Datadog alerts and events directly to your Campfire chat rooms and keep everyone up-to-date on ...

Send Datadog alerts and events to ChatWork

Send Datadog alerts to ChatWork and keep your team up-to-date on performance issues with Datadog's Chatwork ...

Bitbucket + Datadog: See how code changes impact your infrastructure

Use the Bitbucket integration to track code changes and see code commits right next to any metric that you ...

Monitor alerts and events with OpsGenie and Datadog

Monitor OpsGenie with the new Datadog integration that allows you to receive notifications for all important ...

Share and discuss Datadog graphs, events, and alerts in HipChat

Bring Datadog metrics and alerts directly to your chat rooms with our HipChat integration.

Understand your Nagios alerts with Datadog

Nagios monitoring doesn't have to be so painful. Learn how you can cut through the alerting noise and show ...