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.NET Continuous Profiler: Exception and Lock Contention

How we handle exceptions and lock contention in our .NET continuous profiler.

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Learn how Datadog's plugins for VS Code, Visual Studio, and JetBrains IDEs can help you investigate code ...

.NET Continuous Profiler: CPU and Wall Time Profiling

How we implemented CPU and wall time profiling in our .NET continuous profiler.

.NET Continuous Profiler: Under the Hood

Our .NET profiler was designed and implemented to run 24/7 in production, at any scale, with negligible ...

Understanding Request Latency with Profiling

Learn how to use Datadog’s Java wallclock profiler to reduce latency in a Java application.

Optimize your .NET application performance with the Datadog Continuous Profiler

Learn how to troubleshoot resource bottlenecks in your .NET application using the Continuous Profiler.

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Learn how our always-on Continuous Profiler can help you optimize your Ruby code in production.

Use Datadog's GitHub and source code integrations to streamline troubleshooting

Learn how Datadog's Github and source code integrations can help you enrich your monitoring data.

How we wrote a Python Profiler

Adventures in developing a Python profiler

Analyze code performance in production with Datadog Continuous Profiler

Dive down to the code level to improve application performance and reduce infrastructure cost with Datadog ...

Compare and optimize your code with Datadog Profile Comparison

Learn how to measure changes in code performance with Datadog's Profile Comparison.