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Monitor SQS with Data Streams Monitoring

By providing critical visibility into streaming data pipelines built with SQS, Data Streams Monitoring can ...

Simplify production debugging with Datadog Exception Replay

Learn how Datadog Exception Replay captures the execution context of production errors to simplify debugging ...

Analyze the root causes and business impact of production issues with Trace Queries

By enabling dynamic analysis of trace-level attributes like end-to-end latency, Trace Queries lets you turn ...

Quickly spot and revert faulty deployments with Change Overlays

Visualize deployments in the context of your telemetry data to determine how specific changes impact the ...

Monitor Windows Performance Counters with Datadog

Windows Performance Counters provide visibility into the internal state of an application in a production ...

Troubleshoot streaming data pipelines directly from APM with Datadog Data Streams Monitoring

Learn how the Data Streams Monitoring integration in APM helps you avoid context switching by providing ...

Monitor Ray applications and clusters with Datadog

Learn how to monitor your AI workloads and their resource consumption as you scale them with Ray.

Enhance your visibility into OTel-instrumented apps in AWS Lambda

Learn how Datadog provides rich insights into serverless app performance using your existing OpenTelemetry ...

Monitor Amazon Bedrock with Datadog

Learn how to monitor your foundation models' usage, API performance, error rate, and more with Datadog's ...

Understanding Request Latency with Profiling

Learn how to use Datadog’s Java wallclock profiler to reduce latency in a Java application.

Manage API performance, security, and ownership with Datadog API Catalog

Learn how Datadog API Catalog enables you to build a comprehensive knowledge base of your APIs, monitor their ...

Seamlessly correlate DBM and APM telemetry to understand end-to-end query performance

Link telemetry from DBM and APM to accelerate troubleshooting and streamline collaboration.

Leverage user context to debug mobile performance issues with the Instabug Datadog Marketplace offering

Learn how you can quickly troubleshoot mobile usability issues by using Apdex scores and bug reports from the ...

Visualize service ownership and application boundaries in the Service Map

Learn how to help your entire organization quickly grasp evolving microservice architectures in order to ...

Pinpoint performance issues in downstream services with the Dependency Map Navigator

Learn how to quickly trace issues like load amplification to the source in order to troubleshoot and optimize ...

Monitor runtime metrics from OTel-instrumented apps with Datadog APM

Learn how to visualize and monitor runtime metrics from your OpenTelemetry-instrumented applications.

Datadog named Leader in 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for APM and Observability

Datadog has been recognized as a Leader for APM and Observability in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™.

Monitor Azure OpenAI with Datadog

Learn how you can optimize the performance of your Azure OpenAI instances with Datadog.

Monitor your OpenAI usage with Datadog

Learn how our integration enables you to track and optimize your organization's OpenAI usage and control its ...

Monitor OTel-instrumented apps with support for W3C Trace Context

Learn how Datadog's support for W3C industry standards enables you to gain full-stack visibility into your ...

Track and improve the performance of streaming data pipelines with Datadog Data Streams Monitoring

Data Streams Monitoring maps the topology of your entire event-driven application by visualizing all ...

State of Application Security

We analyzed data from thousands of organizations to discover which vulnerabilities really matter, which ...

Understand serverless function performance with Cold Start Tracing

Learn how cold start tracing can help you investigate root causes behind Lambda function cold starts.

Correlate Datadog RUM events with traces from OTel-instrumented applications

Learn how added support for W3C and B3 headers helps you gain full-stack visibility into your ...

Datadog's commitment to OpenTelemetry and the open source community

Learn about Datadog's support for the OpenTelemetry project and our contributions to the open source ...

Use library injection to auto-instrument and trace your Kubernetes applications with Datadog APM

Learn how instrumenting your Kubernetes application with library injection enables you to develop faster and ...

Use HiveMQ and OpenTelemetry to monitor IoT applications in Datadog

Learn how to monitor distributed traces from your IoT applications in Datadog APM using HiveMQ’s OpenTelemetry ...

Announcing TISAX-compliant observability for the automotive industry and its suppliers

Gain secure, comprehensive visibility into your cloud-based services, applications, and infrastructure while ...

Announcing PCI-Compliant Log Management and APM from Datadog

Centralized, compliant monitoring and governance for anyone handling cardholder data online.

Identify and redact sensitive data in APM, RUM, and Events stream with Sensitive Data Scanner

Learn how the Datadog Sensitive Data Scanner enables you to identify and manage sensitive data leaks across ...

Forward logs from the OpenTelemetry Collector with the Datadog Exporter

Add the Datadog Exporter to your OpenTelemetry pipeline to collect and correlate logs and traces.

Send metrics and traces from OpenTelemetry Collector to Datadog via Datadog Exporter

Learn how the OpenTelemetry Collector Datadog Exporter enables you to monitor metrics and traces in Datadog ...

Monitor application performance from the Datadog mobile app

Learn how you can quickly investigate issues and triage alerts on the go with the Datadog mobile app.

Monitor Azure Functions with the Datadog extension for Azure App Service

Learn how the Datadog extension for Azure App Service provides visibility into your Azure functions.

Datadog named Leader in 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for APM and Observability

Datadog has been recognized as a Leader for APM and Observability in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™.

Ingest OpenTelemetry traces and metrics with the Datadog Agent

The Datadog Agent supports OpenTelemetry Protocol, enabling you to reliably ingest telemetry from apps that ...

Monitor Flutter application performance with Datadog Mobile RUM

Get visibility into your Flutter app performance and user experience with Datadog Mobile RUM.

Monitor your .NET apps with the Datadog extension for Azure App Service

Learn how the Datadog extension for Azure App Service lets you collect traces, custom metrics, and logs from ...

Best practices for monitoring mobile app performance

Learn some key best practices for monitoring your iOS and Android apps.

Explore a centralized view into service telemetry, Error Tracking, SLOs, and more

Learn how the APM Service Page can help you streamline your investigations.

Real-time distributed tracing for .NET Lambda functions

Learn how Datadog APM can help you gain performance insight into your .NET Lambda functions.

Datadog Serverless Monitoring for Amazon API Gateway, SQS, Kinesis, and more

Learn how Datadog Serverless Monitoring provides end-to-end visibility into the managed AWS services that ...

Use Datadog's Sourcegraph extension to navigate code and visualize service dependencies

This new Sourcegraph integration lets you search code via service dependencies and easily pivot to Datadog APM ...

Use Datadog's GitHub and source code integrations to streamline troubleshooting

Learn how Datadog's Github and source code integrations can help you enrich your monitoring data.

Announcing support for Windows containers on AWS Fargate

Learn how Datadog supports monitoring your AWS Fargate on Windows environment, including metrics, distributed ...

Generate span-based metrics to track historical trends in application performance

Learn how to create and use span-based metrics to track, visualize, and alert on long-term performance trends.

Datadog acquires Ozcode

Datadog has acquired Ozcode, a live debugging solution that brings code-level visibility into production ...

Automatically discover, map, and monitor all your services in seconds with Universal Service Monitoring

With Universal Service Monitoring, you can get visibility into your entire fleet of services—without touching ...

Resolve AWS Lambda function failures faster by monitoring invocation payloads

Learn how Lambda function request and response payloads can speed up troubleshooting by providing you with ...

Compare and optimize your code with Datadog Profile Comparison

Learn how to measure changes in code performance with Datadog's Profile Comparison.

Deploy ASP.NET Core applications to Azure App Service

Learn how to automatically instrument your .NET Core applications deployed on Azure App Service.

Release code confidently with Automatic Faulty Deployment Detection

Automatic Faulty Deployment Detection spots new or increased errors in your application.

Surface and optimize slow performing queries with Datadog Database Monitoring

Learn how Datadog Database Monitoring delivers deep visibility into your databases with historical query ...

Best practices for monitoring a cloud migration

Learn how to use Datadog to plan, execute, and monitor your migration to the cloud.

Monitor containerized ASP.NET Core applications on AWS Fargate

Learn how to deploy instrumented .NET Core applications on AWS Fargate.

Visualize live dependencies with the Request Flow Map

Learn how Datadog’s Request Flow Map lets you visualize and filter requests between services in real time.

Monitor containerized ASP.NET Core applications with Datadog APM

Learn how to automatically instrument your .NET Core applications deployed on Linux or Window containers.

Real-time distributed tracing for Go and Java Lambda Functions

Learn how Datadog provides visibility into the performance of your Go and Java Lambda functions.

Monitor Oracle Arm-based Ampere A1 instances with Datadog

Learn how to use the Datadog Agent for Arm to comprehensively monitor your Oracle Arm-based Ampere A1 ...

Datadog receives a "Leader" distinction in Gartner's 2021 Magic Quadrant for APM

Datadog has been recognized as a "Leader" for Application Performance Monitoring in Gartner's Magic Quadrant.

Trace AWS event-driven serverless applications with Datadog APM

Learn about Datadog APM’s latest enhancements for AWS serverless tracing.

PHP 8: Observability Baked Right In

What the observer API means for PHP 8 and the future of observability

End-to-end application monitoring with Datadog

See all request traces and application telemetry in one place for faster troubleshooting.

Unify APM and RUM data for full-stack visibility

Datadog automatically links distributed traces to real-user data, giving you end-to-end visibility for faster ...

Debug application issues with APM and Network Performance Monitoring

Learn how to leverage Datadog Network Performance Monitoring alongside APM to debug your applications.

Datadog APM recognized as Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice

Datadog APM is awarded the Customers' Choice Distinction by Gartner Peer Insights.

How to monitor vSphere with Datadog

Use Datadog to visualize and alert on every layer of your vSphere infrastructure.

Datadog Distributed Tracing: live-query all ingested traces, retain only the ones you need

Learn how Datadog Distributed Tracing eliminates the trade-off between visibility and cost by enabling you to search and analyze 100 percent of your ingested traces in real time and keep all high-value traces with tag-based retention filters.

Monitor code deployments with Deployment Tracking in Datadog APM

Learn how Datadog can help you track the performance of your code deployments.

Tags: set once, access everywhere

Learn how to easily connect infrastructure metrics with traces and logs from all of your services with unified ...

Make sense of application issues with Datadog Error Tracking

Datadog Error Tracking gives you the context you need to triage and troubleshoot issues.

Zero instrumentation serverless observability with AWS SAM and CDK integrations

Learn how you can use Datadog's integrations with AWS SAM and CDK to automatically collect metrics, traces, ...

Instrument your Python applications with Datadog and OpenTelemetry

Learn how to instrument your Python applications with Datadog's exporter for OpenTelemetry.

Automatically detect error and latency patterns with Watchdog Insights for APM

Learn how Watchdog Insights can quickly pinpoint issues and reduce your MTTR.

Monitor Apache Airflow with Datadog

Get a close look at the performance of the scheduled tasks in your managed workloads.

Distributed tracing for AWS Lambda with Datadog APM

Get comprehensive visibility across all your Lambda functions to optimize application performance with native ...

Monitor Amazon EKS on AWS Fargate with Datadog

Monitor containerized applications running on Amazon EKS using AWS Fargate with Autodiscovery and APM.

Monitor your Arm VMs with Datadog

Use the Datadog Agent for Arm to monitor your scalable compute workloads.

What's next for monitoring Kubernetes

Datadog tags traces from your clusters and imports your OpenMetrics histograms as distribution metrics.

Around the waterbowl

A roundup of recent Datadog community activity.

Monitor Java memory management with runtime metrics, APM, and logs

Learn how to detect memory management issues with JVM runtime metrics, garbage collection logs, and alerts.

How to collect, customize, and centralize Node.js logs

Learn some best practices for collecting and customizing logs from your Node.js applications.

The future of tracing is open

Datadog is pleased to contribute our tracing libraries to the OpenTelemetry project to advance open source, ...

Troubleshoot .NET apps with auto-correlated traces and logs

Datadog automatically links your .NET logs and request traces, so you can get full context about user-facing ...

Java runtime monitoring with JVM metrics in Datadog APM

JVM runtime metrics provide detailed context for troubleshooting Java application performance issues.

Correlate request logs with traces automatically

Datadog automatically links your distributed request traces to logs from the same transaction for end-to-end ...

.NET monitoring with Datadog APM and distributed tracing

Get deep visibility into your .NET applications with Datadog APM.

PHP monitoring with Datadog APM and distributed tracing

APM for PHP increases your visibility into the whole web stack.

Monitoring MEAN stack applications with Datadog

Learn how to monitor your MEAN stack application and its underlying infrastructure with Datadog.

Performance monitoring with OpenTracing, OpenCensus, and OpenMetrics

Learn how the OpenTracing, OpenCensus, and OpenMetrics projects contribute to application performance ...

2018 year in review

A recap of some of the new features, integrations, and resources that Datadog added in 2018.

Interview with Brett Langdon

An interview with Brett Langdon, author of node-dogapi and long-time Datadog community member.

Interview with Zach Daniel

An interview with Zach Daniel, author of Spandex: a Datadog library for Elixir.

Datadog APM gains 3 superpowers: App Analytics, Service Map & Watchdog

With three major new features and support for numerous languages and frameworks, Datadog APM is more powerful ...

Introducing the Service Map in Datadog

Learn how to identify bottlenecks and observe service dependencies.

Node.js monitoring with Datadog APM and distributed tracing

Debug and optimize your Node.js applications with service-level overviews and distributed request tracing.

Explore high-cardinality trace data with App Analytics

Learn how to filter and analyze high-cardinality APM data with Datadog.

Announcing Go tracer v1.0.0

The latest version includes distributed request tracing and other features and improvements.

Monitoring Flask apps with Datadog

Integrate your Flask app with Datadog to collect metrics, logs, and traces.

Monitoring Rails applications with Datadog

Learn how to monitor your Rails application and its underlying infrastructure with Datadog.

Introducing a new buildpack for monitoring Heroku applications

We are pleased to announce a new Heroku buildpack with added support for distributed tracing and APM.

Monitor SQL Server performance with Datadog

Spot SQL Server performance issues using metrics, tracing, and log management.

Using Datadog APM to improve the performance of Homebrew

Using Datadog to find performance bottlenecks, and contrasting tentative solutions using performance ...

PostgreSQL RDS monitoring with Datadog

In this post, we'll show you how set up PostgreSQL RDS monitoring with Datadog.

Monitoring Django performance with Datadog

Monitor Django performance for applications running on NGINX, Gunicorn, and PostgreSQL

Announcing APM & distributed tracing for Java applications

Monitor and optimize your Java applications with Datadog APM and distributed tracing.

New in Datadog: Add context to request traces with host metrics

View host metrics side-by-side with request traces to get more context for application troubleshooting.

Monitor GKE with Datadog

Learn how to collect and visualize key observability data from your GKE clusters.

Datadog + OpenTracing: Embracing the open standard for APM

We are pleased to announce that Datadog is adopting the OpenTracing standard for distributed tracing.

Tracing asynchronous Python code with Datadog APM

Quickly gain insights into your async Python code with APM's built-in support for libraries like asyncio and ...

How Peloton ensures a smooth ride for a growing user base

Peloton uses Datadog APM to reduce latency in their user-facing, real-time cycling application.

Introducing service-level alerts in Datadog APM

Create service-level application alerts in Datadog with our new APM monitors.

Announcing next-generation APM

To troubleshoot modern applications, you need to understand both the code and the infrastructure

Datadog + New Relic: Monitor every layer of your stack

Datadog goes hand in hand with New Relic’s APM and Synthetics services, so you can monitor your app from every ...

Monitor ActiveMQ Artemis and Classic with Datadog

Datadog provides ActiveMQ Classic and ActiveMQ Artemis performance monitoring with a single integration.

How to monitor Elasticsearch with Datadog

You've learned about the key Elasticsearch metrics, and how to collect them natively. Now see how easy it is ...

Monitoring Kafka with Datadog

Learn to use Datadog to collect metrics, logs, and distributed request traces from Kafka and ZooKeeper.

Monitor Redis using Datadog

Learn how to use Datadog to monitor Redis metrics, traces, and logs.

Validate your skills with our new Datadog Certification Program

Learn how you can reinforce your knowledge of Datadog by taking our fundamental certification exams.

Build compliance, governance, and transparency across your teams with Datadog Audit Trail

Learn how you can monitor user activity throughout the Datadog platform to ensure compliance, optimize best ...