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Monitor Riak CS performance and availability

Author Remi Hakim

Published: April 2, 2015

Riak CS is a software-defined object storage that is often used as an on-premise replacement for Amazon S3 and helps you efficiently store, organize, and access your unstructured data. It is open source, with commercial options available. Built on top of Riak, it is architected for high availability, fault-tolerance, ease of operations, and massive scale.

Since object stores have become a mission-critical piece of many modern stacks, we are pleased to add support for performance and availability monitoring of Riak CS.

Monitor Riak CS performance metrics

When you activate this integration within your Datadog account, your default dashboard will immediately begin displaying many useful performance metrics including:

  • Rate by second of operations at block, object, and bucket level
  • Operation latency at block, object, and bucket level
Monitor Riak CS performance and availability

You can find a full list of all of the Riak CS performance metrics we monitor here.

Availability and custom monitors

Datadog can assess the availability of each Riak CS host in your cluster and can be configured to alert you should any become unreachable.

Additionally, Riak CS performance metrics such as operations rates and latencies can trigger custom alerts so that you know about infrastructure issues before your users are affected.

If you already have a Datadog account, you can set up the Riak CS integration in about 60 seconds. If you’re not a customer, sign up for a of Datadog and monitor Riak CS in your environment today.

Thanks so much to Jon Glick from Basho Technologies (makers of Riak CS) for writing the initial implementation of this integration.