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Upgrade your issue tracking with JIRA and Datadog

Author Abril Loya McCloud

Published: October 11, 2016

Atlassian JIRA is a project management platform designed to organize bug tracking and issue resolution with the use of projects and tickets.

Projects are collections of related issues and can be made up of different types of issues, like bugs or tasks. Teams can make sure everyone is on the same page as an issue is resolved by updating tickets and adding comments, making JIRA a popular choice for complex project management.

Datadog’s new JIRA integration streamlines management of issues related to your infrastructure or application performance by allowing you to create, tag, and update your tickets directly from your Datadog alerts.


Datadog alerts can be configured to create custom JIRA tickets automatically by defining custom ticket types and adding your project id and issue types. Required fields for custom tickets can be filled in manually, or you can use custom payload variables that will be dynamically populate when an alert triggers.

jira alert


You can assign tags to your JIRA tickets in Datadog, allowing you to group tickets by tag.  Grouping tickets provides additional insight into the rate at which different issue types trigger ticket creation as well as which alerts or warnings are most frequently triggered.

To group tickets by tag:

jira alert

Inbound events

When a new ticket is created, a corresponding event is triggered and appears in the Datadog Events Explorer.

jira alert

Try it!

If you’re using Datadog, take your issue tracking to the next level by setting up the JIRA integration. Otherwise, sign up for a and rein in the chaos.