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Introducing the Datadog Open Source Hub

Author Ara Pulido

Published: September 27, 2023

At Datadog, we have always been deeply involved with open source software—producing it, using it, and contributing to it. Our Agent, tracers, SDKs, and libraries have been open source from the beginning, giving our customers the flexibility to extend our tools for their own needs. The transparency of our open source components also allows them to fully audit the Datadog software that is running on their systems.

But our commitment to open source only starts there.

When it comes to using open source software, we embrace an “upstream-first” approach. This means that if our engineers find a bug or think of a beneficial new feature while using open source projects to support our infrastructure, they will work closely with the original developers to bring about helpful changes. Our engineers report and fix bugs, propose improvements, and actively participate in the community to help see these improvements through to completion.

Additionally, many projects initiated by our engineers, even those not directly tied to our products, are made open source and maintained with community support.

Announcing the Datadog Open Source Hub

With this spirit of open collaboration in mind, we are happy to announce the Datadog Open Source Hub. The Open Source Hub is a central, dedicated space where you can learn about the projects we maintain and regularly contribute to, the ecosystems we participate in, and other related initiatives we’re engaged in.

Open Source Hub web page

Through the Open Source Hub, you can explore open source projects started at Datadog, hear from their maintainers, and discover how to contribute. In addition, you will hear from Datadog contributors involved in third-party open source projects. This gives you a chance to learn about their experiences, how and when they started contributing, and the impact of their work.

A Showcase for Open Source Projects

Finally, as you might already be aware, we offer free Datadog accounts to selected open source projects. The Open Source Hub will showcase some of these projects and how they have been using Datadog to their advantage.

Example open source project on the hub

We invite you to explore the new Datadog Open Source Hub to learn more about our open source initiatives. While we are excited about the Hub’s launch, it’s just the beginning. Stay tuned for regular updates, more highlighted projects and contributors, and an expanding showcase of open source projects supported by Datadog observability.