May NYC DevOps Meetup @ Datadog HQ [VIDEOS] | Datadog

May NYC DevOps Meetup @ Datadog HQ [VIDEOS]

Author Patrick Crosby

Published: June 5, 2013

Over 40 people came out for last week’s DevOps NYC Meetup: An Evening of Lightning Talks. We had eight great speakers sharing tips and personal perspectives on DevOps. Check out the recordings below.

What’s in this Cookbook? - Mike Fiedler

Mike discusses conventions and policies for Chef version numbering.

Bulk Exporting from Cassandra - Carlo Cabanilla

Carlo gives his perspective on the challenges of doing large exports from Cassandra.


Cosa Nostra - Tom Santero

Tom walks through his musings on working in technology and explains why he loves his job.


Welcome to a Computing Revolution - Alex Lesser

Alex talks about the evolution of his company, PSSC, from its start in his parent’s garage into a tier one high performance computing manufacturer.


Why Puppet Sucks - Rob Terhaar

Rob tells us why Puppet is really great and in some cases not so great.


I Love Graphs - Alexis Lê-Quôc

Alexis uses an example to explain how graphs allow him to quickly and easily debug problems.


Contributing to an OS - Sam Kottler

Sam describes why being an OS contributor is not as scary as it might seem.


Virtualization at Gilt - Rangarajan Radhakrishnan

Rangarajan discusses the evolution of virtualization at Gilt.