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Cheering on coworkers: Building culture with Datadog dashboards

Author Nadir Kadem
Author Martin Fejoz
Author Benjamin Fernandes

Published: October 27, 2016

One of our colleagues, Christian, is participating in a tremendous 6-day-run challenge. Yes, you read that right, he will run around 850km (528 miles) over 6 days.

As we like to graph everything, we thought it would be fun to cheer him on remotely and follow his progress in this crazy race via a Datadog dashboard.

Christian Run's

Extracting the data

We discovered that Christian’s stats and the race’s progress are regularly updated on the event website.

Since the data is available in plain HTML on the website, scraping his current ranking, total distance run and other data was easy. It involved:

  • A simple crawler to scrape the html code of the webpage via the popular Python library Requests
  • A basic HTML parser with the Python library BeautifulSoup

Feeding the metrics to Datadog

Now that we had the data, we began emitting metrics using StatsD and the Datadog agent.

from datadog import statsd as dog

ci = course_info()

for runner in ci:
        dog.gauge("runner.distance", ci[runner]['distance'], tags=["name:%s" %runner])
        dog.gauge("runner.ranking", ci[runner]['ranking'], tags=["name:%s" %runner])
        dog.gauge("runner.elapsed_time", ci[runner]['time'], tags=["name:%s" %runner])
Run metrics in a Datadog widget

With all metrics now available in Datadog, we built a dashboard to support our champion!

The result

We crunched the metrics in order to get a nice dashboard including a live video, a few gifs for fun and some meaningful metrics, and there we are! You can check the dashboard.

We are displaying this around our NY and Paris offices, so we can cheer Christian on throughout the day.

Dashboard at the office entrance

At publishing time, Christian is at the head of the pack, with a lead of over 47km (29 miles) and another 44h to run. Good luck Christian!