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Join us at Datadog Summit London 2024

Author Ara Pulido

Published: February 9, 2024

Datadog is built on community—from the engineers and SREs whose feedback helps us constantly improve, to the developers who build integrations that broaden the Datadog ecosystem. Datadog Summits are our celebration of that community.

Our next Datadog Summit will be held on March 26 in London. We hope you’ll join us to meet and learn from others in the community, as well as from the Datadog team.

Customer Talks

At the summit you will hear Datadog customers like Dunelm and Electrolux share stories about how they are solving engineering challenges at scale, and how having a strong observability culture helps them achieve their goals and mature their engineering organization.

At Datadog Summit Denver, ​​Brian Lokey, Engineering Leader at Kandji, showed how they empower their developers to get things done while significantly scaling up the size of their team.


Datadog Summit London will feature hands-on workshops that give you real-world insights into infrastructure monitoring, distributed tracing, security, and more—enabling you to better understand how your systems are performing, and how to quickly find and resolve issues.

  • Datadog 101 for SREs: In our introductory SRE training workshop, you’ll learn how to monitor a containerized web application with the Datadog Agent and essential Datadog tools. This course focuses on scenarios most applicable to SREs.

  • Datadog 101 for Developers: In our introductory developer training workshop, using an instrumented application, you’ll create Synthetic tests to monitor critical frontend services with simulated customer interactions. And you’ll see how Real User Monitoring (RUM) can help you measure and improve the quality of your user experience.

  • Introduction to AWS Monitoring with Datadog: This workshop will walk you through installing and configuring Datadog’s integration for AWS. You’ll learn how to collect metrics and logs from core AWS services such as Lambda, ECS on Fargate, RDS, and EC2. Then, you will tour the resulting metrics, logs, and dashboards in Datadog.

  • Hacking your Web Applications: In this course, you will get the opportunity to think like an attacker by performing various attacks against a web application. You will also see, as a defender, how you can leverage Datadog Application Security Management to identify which users are targeting your applications and which part of your code is impacted.

  • Measuring Core Web Vitals: You’ll learn how to monitor standard CWVs for a web application with Datadog and dive into the fundamental set of CWVs that measure loading performance, time to interactivity, and visual stability. We’ll walk through how you can locate and mitigate issues that create poor CWV scores and verify their resolution with Real User Monitoring. Then, we’ll explore how to set up automated alerts to notify your team if a CWV score falls below an acceptable threshold.

  • Using Log Management with Metrics and Traces to Improve Developer Productivity: In this workshop, you will gain an overview of Datadog Log Management and learn how to correlate logs with metrics, traces, and other data to gain insights into how you can improve developer productivity.

Get hands-on training from Datadog engineers in workshops.
Get hands-on training from Datadog engineers in workshops.

Datadog Sessions

In addition to the talks from our customers, Datadog Summit London will feature several sessions from Datadog.

Product announcements

The Datadog team will be at the summit to show off our latest product features and answer any questions.

Ask an SRE

We will host one of our popular “Ask an SRE” sessions. Léo Cavaillé, SRE Director at Datadog, will be on stage to provide a brief overview of site reliability engineering, talk through the core concepts, and share some of what we’ve learned. Then, we’ll open things up for questions from the audience, so come prepared with anything you want to ask!

You can pre-ask your questions by filling this form.

Datadog on Stateful Workloads on Kubernetes

“Datadog on” is a series where we invite Datadog engineers to talk about the technologies and processes they use to build our cloud monitoring and security platform. In our first in-person episode, Martin Dickson, Senior Software Engineer on the Datadog Kafka team, and Edward Dale, Engineering Manager on the PostgreSQL team at Datadog, will tell us about their experiences (good and bad) running stateful workloads in Kubernetes, including specifics about their tooling.

Ara Pulido shares what we learned as we scaled our Kubernetes clusters, the contributions to Kubernetes we made along the way, and how you can apply those learnings when growing your Kubernetes clusters from a mere handful to hundreds or thousands of nodes.

AWS Gameday and CoTerm Battle challenges

Let’s have fun with a couple of challenges you can walk into at any point during the summit.

AWS GameDay is a gamified learning event that challenges participants to use AWS solutions to solve real-world technical problems in a team-based setting. Unlike traditional workshops, GameDays are open-ended and non-prescriptive, giving participants the freedom to explore, and think outside the box.

CoTerm Battle is a fun and collaborative terminal-based competition. You’ll compete against other teams in a test of wits, computer-science knowledge, and strategy.

Compete with other teams in CoTerm battle, a terminal-based competition.

Community Building

During the event you will have plenty of opportunities to meet and chat with other local Datadog users, helping you make new connections and better understand how other engineers are using Datadog on a daily basis.

See you in London

Datadog Summit London will be held at The Brewery. Although the summit is a free event, space is limited, so RSVP now to reserve your seat!