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Datadog acquires Timber Technologies

Author Renaud Boutet

Published: February 11, 2021

Here at Datadog, we have always strived to build monitoring tools that are robust yet flexible. We are committed to continued innovation, and we believe that when it comes to creating new solutions that complement our customers’ existing workflows, our work is never done.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Timber Technologies, the company behind Vector, is joining Datadog. With the addition of Vector, we will be able to give our customers even more control over how their observability data is ingested, enriched, stored, and routed, so they can build fully capable, cost efficient data pipelines in both cloud and on-premise environments.

What is Vector?

Vector is a vendor agnostic data platform that enables users to collect, enrich, and transform logs, metrics, and traces from on-premise and cloud environments—and route them to the destinations of their choice. This observability data is crucial for maintaining the health and observability of applications, but traditional pipelines often involve hundreds of legacy and cloud observability tools. This makes it impossible for users to handle sensitive data streams in a consolidated, cost efficient way. With Vector, users have complete control over how data moves through their pipeline, enabling them to address compliance concerns, control costs, and avoid vendor lock-in.

Vector + Datadog

We have been incredibly impressed by Timber’s work on Vector. Not only is it beloved by its users, but it also reflects the same principles that have guided us at Datadog since day one. Both Datadog and Vector are founded on the belief that users should not have to rely on a patchwork of tools to achieve complete visibility into their systems. We share Timber’s dedication to breaking down silos—and to providing flexible solutions for observability data that help keep costs down.

We welcome the team at Timber Technologies and look forward to creating the ultimate observability data pipeline for our customers, which will be supported by new integrations, more sophisticated capabilities, and a seamless user experience.