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Datadog acquires Ozcode

Author Renaud Boutet

Published: November 4, 2021

At Datadog, we believe that having visibility into production is crucial to building better software, especially as modern environments become more and more complex. Bugs that occur in production are often difficult to reproduce locally, which leaves developers guessing about what went wrong. To solve this problem, teams need the same depth of visibility into their production environments as they do into their local environments. That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome Ozcode, a live debugging solution, to Datadog. Our teams share the goal of incorporating observability into debugging workflows, and we’re excited to work together to deliver the most robust and seamless experience to our customers.

What is Ozcode?

Ozcode’s Live Debugger includes several features that bring the local debugging experience to production environments. When an exception is thrown, Ozcode lets developers step through the entire code execution flow and view contextual data, such as local variable values and method parameters, at every step of the way. This helps teams identify the root cause of the issue as quickly as possible and eliminates the need to reproduce bugs locally. Additionally, developers can troubleshoot issues that do not throw exceptions by placing tracepoints in their live code to dynamically generate logs, without having to redeploy their application. When used together, these tools help teams reduce their mean time to resolution, accelerate software delivery, and improve end-user experience.

Datadog + Ozcode

The Ozcode team brings valuable expertise and experience that will advance our vision of bringing code-level visibility into live production environments. They share our relentless customer focus and desire to break down silos, and we’re incredibly excited about our future together. Please join us in welcoming the Ozcode team—and stay tuned for more updates.