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Datadog acquires Actiondesk

Author Tom Hogarty

Published: November 13, 2023

Datadog customers have an abundance of observability data at their fingertips. Using this data effectively requires having the right visualizations and analysis tools. For some teams, the powerful functionality of spreadsheets is critical to their ability to make data-driven forecasting and business decisions. That’s why we are pleased to announce that Actiondesk—a spreadsheet-powered connection to your live data—is joining Datadog.

What is Actiondesk?

Actiondesk is a cloud-based spreadsheet application that integrates with your live data sources, enabling you to access and join data from across your cloud stack. Actiondesk automatically connects data directly from your databases and other services, removing the need for CSV export operations that become stale the moment they are executed. You can then run common spreadsheet functions, such as lookups or pivot tables, using the same methods available in other spreadsheet applications.

Datadog + Actiondesk

Datadog’s acquisition of Actiondesk is an important step forward in expanding the ability of all teams within an organization to get more value out of their telemetry data. Whether planning capacity for a cloud migration or extending metric and event data to product analysis, having access to commonly used spreadsheet syntax will help engineering, product, marketing, and finance teams to collaborate.

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress as we work toward integrating Actiondesk’s spreadsheet capabilities into the Datadog platform.