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Monitor your AWS Lambda functions’ ephemeral storage usage

Author Thomas Sobolik
Author Alex Cuoci

Published: March 24, 2022

AWS Lambda is AWS’s solution for highly portable, serverless computing. With Lambda functions, you can deploy and run business logic code without managing the underlying servers. Today, AWS announced that Lambda customers can now provision up to 10 GB of ephemeral storage for each of their functions, making them well-suited for new, data-intensive workloads—including machine learning inference, large media file processing, financial analysis, and more.

Datadog is supporting this new announcement by enriching existing Datadog metrics with a new tag to help you keep track of your functions’ ephemeral storage usage and capacity. In this post, we’ll show you how to provision your Lambda functions with increased ephemeral storage, as well as monitor their configurations in Datadog.

Configuring your functions’ ephemeral storage

You can quickly and easily provision your Lambda functions’ ephemeral storage capacity by using the AWS console. The function configuration page now includes a new option for “ephemeral storage,” which is located under the General Configuration tab. You can edit the field to specify a storage amount—any value between 512 and 10240 MB is acceptable.

Setting the ephemeral storage capacity of a function in the AWS console

You can also configure your functions programmatically with the Lambda API or the AWS SDK, or use the AWS CLI to edit your functions’ settings from the command line. This ensures that you can manage your functions’ ephemeral storage without any adjustments to your existing workflows. For more information on configuring your functions’ ephemeral storage, see the AWS Lambda documentation.

Monitor your storage configuration and usage in Datadog

To complement the Lambda ephemeral storage update, the Datadog Lambda extension now automatically tags all functions by storagesize, which enables you to query or filter them by storage configuration from within Datadog’s Serverless view. For example, you may want to isolate functions with the minimum allocated storage capacity, so you can drill into their memory usage and determine if it’s worthwhile to configure more storage.

Querying functions in the serverless view using the ephemeral storage capacity tag

Get more Lambda storage

AWS has announced support for up to 10 GB of ephemeral storage for Lambda functions, which will enable them to handle new data-intensive workloads. To support this launch, Datadog’s Lambda extension now allows you to easily track your new configurations to ensure your functions are well-provisioned and highly performant.

For more information about this update, see AWS’s documentation. You can also refer to our own documentation for more information about the Datadog Lambda extension. Or, if you’re brand new to Datadog, get started with a .