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How We Hire

Want to learn more about our hiring process?


Application Review

Our recruiting team kicks off the process by reviewing your resume and credentials. You’ll hear from one of our recruiting team members if we think you are a good fit for the position, and we’ll set up some time to chat either by phone or by email from a “” address.



How long will this take

On average, 2-4 weeks, depending on schedules.

Who will I meet?

This varies per department, but we make sure you’ll meet with potential peers, manager, and possibly an executive.

What is the process?

These are pretty generic guidelines, and processes may vary from role to role. In a nutshell, you can expect a combo of 1-2 phone interviews, 1-2 on-site interviews, and something like a coding assignment or case study.



We make our hiring decisions based on the best possible fit for the role. Our teams rate each candidate based on the set of criteria that we’ve designed for each role, and we review feedback from each interviewer to make a thoughtful hiring decision. The recruiting team will follow up with you on an answer after the interview.


Interview survey

We will send you a post-interview survey so that you can rate how we’re doing. Your feedback is important to us, as we’re constantly looking to improve our interview process and the candidate experience.


Recruiting Scam Alert

Recruiting scams, they happen. And while we try our best to ensure your candidate experience is never impacted by these external factors, sometimes they’re beyond our control. Currently there’s a scheme being run on Telegram Messenger where an imposter account is disguising themselves as Datadog recruiters, and requesting personal information from candidates. Please do not respond to them, and be wary if you receive a message from a Recruiter, especially if it asks for personal information up front. And if you aren’t sure whether a message is a scam or not please reach out to Datadog’s Recruiting Team team to verify the message’s accuracy.