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Incident Management

Incident Management

Transform your incident response plan with real-time observability data at your fingertips

Datadog Incident Management integrates real-time observability data into your incident response plan, enabling you to make smarter decisions more quickly and save critical remediation time. Declare incidents directly from telemetry data, coordinate cross-functional response teams in an instant, and measure your effectiveness for constant improvement and increased customer satisfaction.

Reduce MTTR with rich observability data at your fingertips

  • Declare an incident directly from your telemetry data with a single click
  • Pull related graphs, visualizations, and other telemetry data from across Datadog into your incident timelines and postmortems
  • Maintain rich documentation of incident resolution steps for compliance and audit purposes

Instantly collaborate with key responders across the business

  • Automatically create a Slack or MS Teams Channel at the time of an incident to seamlessly connect responders
  • Establish clear lines of ownership through Datadog Teams, tagging and roles to improve cross-functional accountability
  • Manage incidents entirely in Slack by using Bits AI to modify statuses and severities, receive updates and summaries in real-time, and query data using natural-language questions
Instantly unify key responders and stakeholders across the business

Connect your existing tools and automate your existing processes

  • Integrate with 750+ tools and technologies to create undisrupted, seamless workflows in one platform
  • Automatically trigger remediation workflows to eliminate human error and focus on more complex problems
  • Integrate with Jira or ServiceNow to maintain a system of record across the enterprise without leaving Datadog
  • Initiate auto-remediation to fix problems faster and minimize customer impact
Accelerate productivity with streamlined workflows across your business

Measure and improve your incident response plan in a single click

  • Visualize data on out-of-the-box dashboards to measure the results of your incident response plan in real time
  • Automatically generate comprehensive, data-driven postmortems, or export to the tool of your choice
  • Customize dashboards to reflect your business objectives and track corresponding data
Measure and improve your incident response plan in a single click

Customer Testimonials

When we do have an issue, Incident Management coordinates our response across teams. There’s no context switching or manual process slowing us down – Datadog provides a comprehensive workflow from detection to resolution.

Frank Schlesinger

Frank Schlesinger

CTO, orderbird

effx provides users the context and contributing factors of an incident in real-time. We're excited to partner with Datadog for Incident Management to provide further insight into managing incidents that can potentially impact just one or thousands of microservices.

Joey Parsons

Joey Parsons

Founder & CEO at effx

At Olo it's critical to always have our finger on the pulse of our systems in order to keep restaurants up and running. While Datadog is already an important part of that, the release of integrated Incident Management can further improve our team's ability to respond quickly and effectively, in those times it matters most.

Greg Shackles

Greg Shackles

Senior Vice President, Technology at Olo




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