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Service Catalog

Service Catalog

A central hub for all knowledge about microservice ownership, dependencies, versions, on-call coverage, performance, security posture, and more

Datadog Service Catalog allows you to easily manage service ownership at scale and quickly identify dependencies and version changes in complex, microservice-based applications. Automatically integrated with real-time observability data, Service Catalog makes it simple to eliminate knowledge silos, collaborate effectively during incidents, detect gaps in observability, and gain instant performance and security insights.


Datadog has been recognized as a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for APM and Observability

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Consolidate dispersed knowledge from across all your microservices

  • Improve the developer experience by unifying knowledge about service ownership, dependencies, and real-time observability and security data
  • Quickly find owners, on-call engineers, and critical resources across all your services—whether discovered by Datadog, created via YAML, or imported from Backstage
  • Shorten new hire onboarding time with out-of-the-box answers to questions about system architecture, ownership, and different types of telemetry
Consolidate dispersed service knowledge and real-time observability data in a single place

Streamline collaboration during incidents

  • Quickly diagnose reliability issues by identifying services associated with triggered monitors, faulty deployments, breached SLOs, or new errors
  • Resolve incidents faster by automatically mapping all impacted services and gaining instant access to relevant owners, on-call engineers, runbooks, and dashboards
  • Minimize downtime by ensuring PagerDuty on-call coverage and viewing the incident status of every service next to real-time performance metrics

Promote observability best practices at scale

  • Improve response times for customer-impacting issues by ensuring that services are configured to send essential telemetry
  • Detect observability gaps at a glance by identifying services that are missing telemetry, SLOs, monitors, or critical on-call resources
  • Track and prioritize service improvement efforts across teams through daily Service Scorecards reports on observability best practices

Instantly tie recent version changes to performance regressions

  • Confidently release new versions by tracking deployment cadence and key performance metrics for all applications and services
  • Immediately detect anomalies in application behavior surfaced by Datadog’s AI engine, Watchdog
  • Effectively collaborate and address security vulnerabilities via a unified observability tool that leverages built-in integrations for Slack, PagerDuty, and Source Code
Confidently release new versions by tracking deployments and performance metrics in a single view

Customer Testimonials

Service Catalog enables us to improve software discoverability, democratize knowledge across all engineers, quickly find the right people and information when it matters the most, and better measure our effectiveness as an organization across all teams and services.

Greg Shackles

Greg Shackles

Senior Vice President of Technology, Olo

Datadog's Service Catalog gives us a clear picture of the operational health of over 1,000 microservices and of their different telemetry configurations. These capabilities greatly improve the observability of our software resources and provide a single spot for our internal customers to learn how their services behave.

Emil Gelman

Emil Gelman

Software Team Lead, AppsFlyer



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