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Network Performance Monitoring

Network Performance Monitoring

End-to-end visibility into on-prem and cloud networks, including application-layer performance and the health of bare-metal appliances.

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Datadog Network Performance Monitoring provides full visibility into every network component that makes up your on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments, with little to no overhead. By monitoring the performance of connections among your hosts, services, virtual private clouds (VPCs), and other elements, you can quickly determine when your network is the root cause of any issue.

Act on real-time network insights

  • Use visualizations of network traffic across applications, containers, availability zones, and datacenters to help optimize your migrations
  • Track key network metrics, such as TCP retransmits, latency, and connection churn
  • Monitor the health of traffic between any two endpoints at the app, IP address, port, or process ID (PID) layers

See what matters—not just IP addresses

  • View communication between services, pods, cloud regions, and cloud resources
  • Isolate network issues in your Envoy-powered service mesh and troubleshoot inefficient load balancing
  • Manage cloud networking costs by pinpointing the services and teams responsible for large traffic spikes
View communication between services, pods, cloud regions, and cloud resources.

Gain deep DNS visibility

  • Analyze system-wide DNS performance without having to SSH into individual machines
  • Assess DNS server health with request-volume, response-time, and error-code metrics
  • Distinguish between client-side errors and server-side failures
Monitor and optimize DNS performance in a single pane of glass.

Monitor connections to cloud services

  • Observe and analyze traffic to Amazon S3, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB),GCP BigQuery, and other managed cloud services
  • Filter down into subcomponents such as specific S3 buckets or RDS databases for more granular insights
  • Pivot to integration metrics to determine if an issue lies with a cloud provider or originates from your systems
Monitor network traffic to S3, ELB, RDS, and more in a single view.

Customer Testimonials

With Datadog NPM, we can quickly determine if our network is at fault for slow traffic or low connectivity before our applications are affected, so that insuring travel is a seamless experience for our customers.

Alex Kanevsky

Alex Kanevsky

Lead Architect at Generali Global Assistance

Maintaining performant service communication is critical to ensuring that our customers are able to best support their customers through our platform, so we needed a way to detect when DNS issues occurred—quickly and reliably.

Vicente De Luca

Vicente De Luca

Principal Engineer at Zendesk

We really like how Datadog's NPM product is tied into the rest of the platform. Being able to monitor network traffic all the way down to our containers with Datadog has helped us identify improvements and optimizations across our platform.

Brent Montague

Brent Montague

Principal SRE at Cvent

Datadog NPM gave us immediate visibility into all our Kubernetes cluster traffic. As soon as a new cluster is spun up, we can see if pods are communicating as expected and if internal DNS is doing its job.

Miguel Mingorance

Miguel Mingorance

Systems Engineer at Delivery Hero



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