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Application Security Management

Application Security Management

Production visibility and security for your web applications and APIs

Datadog Application Security Management allows you to manage application security risk with continuous, real-time monitoring of vulnerabilities and threats against your applications and APIs in production. Automatically integrated with APM distributed traces and code-level context, Application Security Management eliminates the bottlenecks of triage and investigation of security issues.

Continuously monitor for code-level vulnerabilities in production

  • Continuously identify vulnerabilities in application code serving production-level traffic, without the overhead of code scans or time-consuming testing processes
  • Identify the specific input or request that triggered the vulnerability in order to accelerate triage
  • Immediately see the exact vulnerable file, version, and line of code to reduce mean time to remediation

Focus on the open source vulnerabilities that present active risk

  • Surface vulnerable open source libraries loaded in production as you monitor the overall health of your services
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities with the Datadog Severity Score, which factors in vulnerability exposure, CVSS, and real-time threat activity
  • Avoid discrepancies between pre-production and production code due to errors in the CI/CD pipeline by ensuring remediated vulnerabilities make it to production

Detect and defend against attacks

  • Understand how ongoing threats are propagating through your service chain with end-to-end attack flows
  • Pivot to errors, associated stack traces, and logs to easily collaborate across teams and eliminate bottlenecks
  • Slow down attackers by blocking suspicious requests or bad actors directly through the Datadog platform
Detect and defend against attacks targeting your applications, APIs, and serverless functions

Automatically discover your API attack surface

  • Gain visibility into the performance, security, and ownership of all your API endpoints in a single view
  • Surface the most targeted and at-risk endpoints to prioritize remediation efforts
  • Protect API endpoints by automatically blocking specific IPs, users, or requests
Understand the performance, security, and ownership of all your API endpoints




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