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Uptime Monitoring Tools

Effectively monitor uptime across varied locations with a full observability platform.

For businesses in today’s digital world, ensuring uptime is synonymous with a great customer experience. Modern uptime monitoring tools offer full visibility into all applications and workloads, from frontend to backend. Datadog Synthetic Monitoring provides a single pane of glass to monitor uptime, correlate tests to backend data for rapid troubleshooting, and track user experience metrics, like SLOs.


Proactively monitor APIs with Synthetic Testing

Stay on top of user-facing issues through comprehensive API testing for critical endpoints.
  • Monitor latency for each endpoint to ensure acceptable uptime from all relevant customer locations
  • Automate DNS tests to ensure the resolvability and lookup times of DNS records
  • Leverage SLOs for tracking uptime across all endpoints in one uptime monitoring tool
Proactively monitor APIs with Synthetic Testing

Ensure uptime with automated browser testing

Leverage our code-free web recorder to monitor uptime for business critical transactions.
  • Test your websites and applications across devices and browsers from locations all around the world
  • Simulate user navigation paths - check-out, sign ups, downloading forms - through browser tests to resolve issues before customers are affected
  • View step-by-step breakdowns and screenshots for all test results for quick optimization troubleshooting
Ensure uptime with automated browser testing

Track performance using unified uptime monitoring tools

Leverage the full Datadog platform for expedited troubleshooting across the stack to quickly resolve incidents.
  • Correlate all synthetic tests to backend metrics, traces, and logs to lower MTTR
  • Detect issues with Watchdog to identify problems you didn’t know to look for, all without any configuration
  • Identify frontend JavaScript errors with Real User Monitoring and seamlessly troubleshoot the issue using the rest of the Datadog platform
Track performance using unified uptime monitoring tools

The Essential Monitoring and Security Platform for the Cloud Age

Datadog brings together end-to-end traces, metrics, and logs to make your applications, infrastructure, and third-party services entirely observable.

Platform Diagram

Leverage Modern Uptime Monitoring Tools

Optimize and monitor uptime alongside the rest of your applications.


CI/CD testing

Shift test automation practices to the left to catch issues earlier on in the development process.


SLO tracking

Real time visibility into your SLOs through drag and drop dashboard widgets.


Root cause analysis

Full stack correlation from synthetic tests to metrics, traces, and logs.

Uptime Monitoring Resources

Learn about Datadog uptime monitoring tools and best practices.

Uptime Monitoring with Datadog

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