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Uptime Monitoring Tools

Effectively monitor uptime across varied locations with a full observability platform.

For businesses in today’s digital world, ensuring uptime is synonymous with a great customer experience. Modern uptime monitoring tools offer full visibility into all applications and workloads, from frontend to backend. Datadog Synthetic Monitoring provides a single pane of glass to monitor uptime, correlate tests to backend data for rapid troubleshooting, and track user experience metrics, like SLOs.


Leverage Modern Uptime Monitoring Tools

Optimize and monitor uptime alongside the rest of your applications.


CI/CD testing

Shift test automation practices to the left to catch issues earlier on in the development process.


SLO tracking

Real time visibility into your SLOs through drag and drop dashboard widgets.


Root cause analysis

Full stack correlation from synthetic tests to metrics, traces, and logs.

Uptime Monitoring Resources

Learn about Datadog uptime monitoring tools and best practices.

Uptime Monitoring with Datadog


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