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Network Traffic Visualization

Visualize network traffic from a birds-eye view across on-premise, cloud-based, and containerized environments.

Visualizing network traffic across your whole environment is often difficult, tedious and sometimes impossible. With Datadog’s Network Map, you gain a bird’s-eye view of your network to help you visualize network partitions, dependencies, and bottlenecks across all your infrastructure or services.


Track hybrid environment network traffic

Unify Network views across on-prem and cloud environments.
  • Visualize network traffic from various sources, including on-prem servers, VMs, containers and serverless functions
  • Monitor how much traffic is traveling between on-prem datacenters and cloud availability zones in a single view
  • Pinpoint and analyze traffic flowing across availability zones to help reduce cloud network costs

Kubernetes traffic flow, simplified

Proactively map cluster and pod dependencies.
  • Identify cross-pod communication and troubleshoot inefficient load balancing to improve cluster performance by grouping by pod name
  • View dependencies by drilling into a specific pod or service to find and monitor potential misconfigurations
  • Visualize Kubernetes network traffic by deployment to aggregate data across replicas and gain a holistic view of performance

Correlate network traffic visualizations with application performance

Use a single pane of glass to connect network and application teams.
  • Visualize service bandwidth usage and latency to determine whether slowness is due to network traffic or the underlying code
  • Pivot directly from a service into related traces for seamless analysis and troubleshooting
  • Break down communication silos between your network and development teams and increase collaboration

The Essential Monitoring and Security Platform for the Cloud Age

Datadog brings together end-to-end traces, metrics, and logs to make your applications, infrastructure, and third-party services entirely observable.


Next-Generation Network Monitoring

Monitor your environment and its network dependencies in real time.


Live Network Map

Visualize all dependencies in one place with the live network map.


Host and Container Maps

Visualize the status of your hosts or containers in a single view.


Synchronized Dashboards

Track incidents across metrics with a common tagging structure.

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