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Product Features

Proactively monitor website availability and uptime

Alert on the global performance and availability of your endpoints.
  • Validate HTTP requests to your services from multiple locations
  • Monitor and maintain your SLAs
  • Resolve issues quickly with unified traces, metrics, and logs

Monitor frontend business transactions and user journeys

Ensure that important user experiences are preserved with fully hosted, automated tests.
  • Discover front-end issues such as Javascript or network errors instantly
  • Proactively monitor Core Web Vitals scores in any environment
  • Investigate root causes to troubleshoot performance before users notice with Datadog’s APM integration

Create browser tests in minutes with the Web Recorder

Build tests without code.
  • Record user actions via an easy-to-use, GUI-based Web Recorder
  • Validate responses with flexible assertions and variables
  • Reduce the time it takes to create browser tests and remove technical limitations

Save time with AI-driven, Self-Maintaining tests

Stay focused on building new features, not fixing brittle tests.
  • Browser Tests update themselves by re-identifying elements even as the UI evolves throughout development
  • Eliminate false-positives due to broken tests and create composite alerts
  • Minimize time spent updating scripted tests throughout the entire development cycle

Reduce mean time to resolution with full-stack visibility

Accelerate development with end-to-end context in a single platform and break down silos.
  • See metrics, traces, and logs in the context of failed tests
  • Visualize uptime data alongside key business metrics
  • Reduce friction from context switching between various platforms

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