Dash 2019 Opening Remarks | Datadog

Dash 2019 Opening Remarks

Published: July 17, 2019


Good morning.

Welcome to DASH.

It is lovely to see the crowd.

And for those of you who are coming back from last year, we’re really happy to have you back.

And for those of you who are attending for the first time, well, I hope you had a good time yesterday, I hope the workshops gave you a good flavor for what Datadog and DASH is all about.

I want to talk about a few special people that you will hear from this morning.

These special people are customers.

They really took an active role in shaping the platform as it is today.

Datadog’s partners

How did they do it?

Well, they reached out, and they were really open about the pain points they had.

And so with them, we iterated again, and again, and again until we got the product to a point where we were both happy about.

And so I realized it’s not always for easy customer-vendor relationship to be that open, to ask for help.

Because you need trust to exist.

So on behalf of the entire Datadog community, I’d like to thank them for making Datadog the product and platform better for everyone.

Breaking down silos

When we met at DASH last year, we talked about breaking down the silos that kept Dev and Ops apart.

We talked about bringing all the data you need together in one place without effort so that you can understand production issues better, and solve them faster.

We talked about how we got started with infrastructure monitoring.

And then we added tracing, and then logs, and then more, synthetics and so on.

But as we kept expanding the platform, we have asked ourselves at each step along the way, “What else do we need to see to get the full observability of your stack?

What kind of context could we give you that would give you the crucial insight while you’re troubleshooting to get to the solution faster?

And how can our platform help you and surface interesting things that you would not have known to look for otherwise?"

So we’ve been hard at work.

And as a result, we have a number of really cool announcements to make this morning.

For instance…

Oh, no, I’m not supposed to tell you yet.

But let me tell you about something that feels very profound in the way we now build and operate software.

It’s the incredible rate of adoption of containers, serverless, mesh, service mesh, microservices, and so on.

A big leap forward for the cloud

When I think about the amount of stuff that got created, the amount of tech that got created in the past 18-24 months, it’s mind-boggling.

In fact, it feels like a Cambrian explosion, all this new stuff.

But with that explosion comes complexity and velocity to operate at scale.

I knew, in a previous life, when I was on call (and I still am), and there was an issue, all I had to do is fire up a terminal, start screen or Tmux, I would just SSH around, and just find my way to the problem and fix it and get out.

And that’s all it took.

But today, forget it.

It’s simply impossible for me and for you to keep everything that a modern platform has in your head.

Just too much.

And even if you could, if you have a really good memory, the problem is the environment changes from one second to the next.

So it’s just too many things changing too fast.

So our challenge at Datadog is to keep that complexity under control for you as you scale, and as the industry around us continues to innovate at a rapid pace.

Observability at scale

And that makes observability at scale an absolute must-have if you want to build and deliver great services for your customers.

Now, some companies have gotten a head start there because they’ve been at it for 15-20 years.

And luckily, we count them amongst our friends and partners.

So we thought maybe you’d want to hear directly from them, how they tackle the challenge of scale.