Dash 2019 Closing Remarks | Datadog

Dash 2019 Closing Remarks

Published: July 17, 2019

We’ve covered a lot of ground today, and it all boils down to three key things.

First, sending high volumes of data into Datadog, whether it’s metrics, logs, or traces, and Datadog will let you manage it and use it at scale without sacrificing performance or unit economics.

Second, we introduced features like Infrastructure Watchdog to surface interesting things that you wouldn’t have looked for otherwise.

And third, new areas like network monitoring, RUM, and mobile monitoring paint a fuller, richer picture that helps you pinpoint problems in these areas, and specifically troubleshoot these areas.

And we built all of this so you can provide the best experiences for your customers, because ultimately, that’s what matters.

Now we’ve only given you a flavor of what we’ve been working on to complete the monitoring picture for you, to make sense of every part of your application, from backend to frontend.

Like Alexis mentioned earlier, your engagement has been a huge influence on everything that we do at Datadog.

And offstage today, you’ll have Alexi, me, and all of our product management team, looking forward to deeper conversations, so we can learn how to build more things that are relevant to you, that help you solve your problems every day.

And again, thank you, and here’s Ilan for some important announcements for the rest of the day.