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Doing Business with Datadog

Vendor Travel and Expense Policy

Datadog will only be responsible for reasonable expenses (such as travel, lodging, and meals) in accordance with Datadog’s travel and expense policy, and in connection with a duly executed agreement between Vendor and Datadog.

Transportation and lodging shall be booked through a TripActions link that Datadog will provide. Transportation and lodging shall only be booked after an agreement between Vendor and Datadog is executed.

All reimbursable expenses must be itemized with copies of all receipts. For any lodging, the hotel’s itemized statement must be attached along with proof of payment.

Datadog’s policy towards transportation is as follows:

  • The expense for authorized air travel will be reimbursed at cost. Datadog requires, when feasible, that a consultant book their flight at least two (2) weeks in advance. Air travel expenses will be reimbursed for coach and economy fare only.
  • The expense for authorized rental car will be reimbursed at cost. Datadog will not be responsible for, nor reimburse, any type of insurance on the rental car.

Datadog’s policy towards meals is as follows:

  • The cost of breakfast and dinner, combined, shall not exceed $45 per day, including tips. No day-to-day carry over is permitted.
  • Lunch is only reimbursed while traveling on Saturday and Sunday with a limit of $10 per day, including tips
  • The tear off portion of a restaurant check filled in by hand is not an acceptable receipt.

Datadog does not reimburse the following:

  • Personal goods (cigarettes magazines, newspapers and toiletries)
  • Personal entertainment (theater, movies, sports events, including movies in flight or in hotel)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Usage of a personal vehicle or cellular phone.

For any questions regarding this policy, reach out to