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Coupa Supplier Portal

Coupa Supplier Portal

Datadog uses Coupa to provide a free self service portal to invoice off of issued Purchase Orders and check on status of payment.

If this is your first time using Coupa you’ll need to register an account by following some simple steps.

For more detailed instructions on the Coupa Supplier Portal than what is listed below, please visit Coupa’s CSP guide.

Linking to the Datadog-Coupa Supplier Portal

The Coupa contact listed on the Graphite Onboarding Form will receive an e-mail from Coupa to link to Datadog’s Coupa instance.

If the email receiving the invite does not already have a Coupa account the invitation email will prompt you to join Coupa and create an account to connect to the Datadog-Coupa Supplier Portal.

Once you click ‘Join Coupa’, fill in the information as prompted (business name, email, etc.). By default, this account is the admin account for your Company. Once set up, you can add users and assign them roles, including account administration. Note: To create a Coupa Supplier Portal account, you must also accept the Privacy Policy and terms of use.
If the email receiving the invite already has a Coupa account the invitation email will prompt you to log in to Coupa to connect to the Datadog-Coupa Supplier Portal.
***Save as a favorites link for quick access when you need to return to the site.

Accessing Purchase Orders

Click on the Orders tab on the main menu. The Orders page with the Purchase Orders table appears

Click the Icons under the actions column for the following action

  • Gold coins flips the PO into an invoice.

  • Red coins create a credit note

For more information on invoicing, click here.
POs can have the following statuses: