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Centralized Log Collection and Management

Easily collect and manage logs across your environment, from apps to services to browsers, and all of the services in-between. Start your trial today, create a dashboard, and we’ll send you a free Datadog t-shirt!

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Why Datadog?

No Custom Query Language Required

Leverage unified tagging to filter and search anything easily — no training needed

Enterprise Scale & Reliability

Whatever your scale or use cases, take advantage of our SaaS platform that’s always prepared to handle more

750+ Vendor-Backed Integrations

Datadog offers wide coverage across any technology, with support and log processing templates provided by Datadog

Logging Without Limits™

Simple, but powerful techniques for prioritizing logs and staying in budget–without manual backups or dropping data

750+ Turn-Key Integrations, Including

Product Features

Control Costs without Sacrificing Visibility

  • Collect, process, inspect, and archive all your logs for only $.10/GB; monitor all your ingested logs in real time with Live Tail
  • Only pay to index the logs you need
  • Quickly access archived logs dating back to any time period with the ability to rehydrate logs into indexes in a few simple clicks
  • Significantly reduce the costs associated with the storage of high-volume logs necessary for audit and compliance purposes

Easily manage your logs with an intuitive platform

  • Discover log patterns and errors rapidly without the need to investigate and read every individual log file
  • Create log analytics dashboards in seconds with Datadog’s drag-and-drop capabilities
  • Analyze all your logs without the need to learn or use a query language

Receive smarter alerts powered by machine learning

  • Automatically detect unanticipated outliers, anomalies, and log errors
  • Set up alerts for anomalies and outliers that account for daily, weekly, or seasonal fluctuations
  • Create composite alerts, based on boolean logic, to reduce your time spent responding to spurious alerts
  • Add context to your alerts and notify team members through Slack, PagerDuty, and other tools

Rehydrate archived logs into indexes

  • Quickly access old logs (from a few weeks or a few months ago) that become extremely valuable for audits
  • Decrease the retention period per log index, which will reduce costs
  • Retain fewer logs within your platform, which further reduces costs

Three Pillars of Observability in One Platform

  • Seamlessly unites metrics, traces, and logs
  • Aggregate metrics and events from 750+ technologies
  • Search, analyze, and explore enriched log data
  • Trace requests across distributed systems and alert on app performance
  • Seamlessly pivot between correlated data for rapid troubleshooting

Loved & Trusted by Thousands

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