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Technical Account Management

For enterprises adopting the Datadog platform and seeking to optimize their deployments, Datadog offers professional advisory in the form of experienced guidance and long-term embedded technical consulting.

About Tyme

Tyme is a technology hub based in Vietnam, supporting the work of the Tyme Group, an international organization that builds digital banks and hosts its core banking system securely in the cloud.

Why Datadog?

Datadog is a cloud-scale monitoring platform that unifies metrics, traces, logs, and more for centralized visibility and faster troubleshooting on dynamic architectures. Datadog’s flexible dashboards and focus on ease of use make it possible for enterprises to democratize their data and enable dev, ops, security, and business teams to access all the data they need on-demand in a single platform. Companies using Datadog are able to eliminate the blind spots in their monitoring and security data, reduce finger-pointing across teams, and improve incident resolution time and system performance.

Key Results

↓63% MTTR

Mean time to resolution decreased from 19 minutes to 7 minutes.

↓35% Support Calls

Total volume of support calls has dropped 35% over the course of 6 months.

61 Net Promoter Score

Highest ever customer feedback score recorded for any bank in South Africa.

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Faster Deployment with Account Management

While Datadog focuses on ease of deployment and use, many enterprises are looking for additional guidance to enable and accelerate the roll-out and adoption process. Datadog’s Technical Account Managers (TAMs) are experts in cloud monitoring and Datadog best practices who work with you to architect and deploy Datadog to meet the particular goals of your organization.

“ We are trying to build a culture of ‘you build it, you run it.’ We’ve been relatively good with ‘you build it,’ and we are constantly improving ‘you run it.’ It’s all about providing great performance and great user experience, and Datadog is the starting point of getting to that DevOps-centric culture. In fact, our time to resolution has gone down from 19 minutes to 7 minutes since moving to Datadog.”

Minh Le Chief Executive Officer, Tyme


As part of its plan to design, develop, and launch digital banks across the globe, Tyme has implemented robust observability strategies with the help of Datadog’s Technical Account Manager (TAM) services.

One way the Datadog platform, boosted by Datadog TAM services, has helped Tyme is by allowing the company to standardize monitoring best practices across its digital banks worldwide. Before Datadog, Tyme had to manage many third-party tools, which required teams to toggle between different applications to try to monitor their environments. Since centralizing application performance and log management with Datadog, service teams are quicker to identify and troubleshoot issues and have more control over their logs.

Another benefit of adopting Datadog with the help of Datadog TAM services has been to improve company agility. For example, Tyme was able to set up its elaborate distributed tracing system tests very quickly. Datadog TAM services also helped Tyme’s service teams automate their data collection and application deployment and manage the rest of the monitoring solution as code—accelerating their time to market.

“With Datadog’s help, we’re saving time by sharing our learnings with other teams. We’re rolling out to two more countries, and it’s just a lift and shift with minimal change,” said Minh Le, CEO of Tyme.

Datadog’s TAM guidance also kickstarted a cultural change at Tyme, which was inspired to take a DevOps-centric approach to software development. With this new approach, Tyme now incorporates observability practices into an ongoing process of development. By adopting a strategy to deliver features rapidly and reliably, Tyme’s total volume of support calls has dropped 35% over the course of 6 months.

“Best practices shared by Datadog TAM services helped us embed this culture deeply into our DevOps process, right from how we onboard our engineers to how we identify and troubleshoot critical issues by correlating diverse datasets,” said Le.

“ Prior to moving to Datadog, we hit a snag of issues impacting bank availability. If your bank is offline, your transactions are offline, which affects our customers. Since we’ve begun using Datadog, we managed to hit a Net Promoter Score of 61, which is the highest ever customer feedback score recorded for any bank in South Africa.”

Minh Le
Chief Executive Officer, Tyme

Datadog’s reference guides and governance framework were shared with 250 engineers, and Tyme started internal training programs to onboard and enable teams to use Datadog. Now, most of Tyme’s services are up and running with Datadog.

Transform the stack and the business

Our TAMs understand the needs of enterprises looking to eliminate dependence on legacy tooling, establish a single monitoring platform across the company, and accelerate cloud migration or digital transformation projects.

Understand best practices

With a TAM, you can get informed, professional advice on best practices. This guidance helps you cut through debates about implementation and confidently lock down decisions across the company.

Get your team on track

Meeting your goals at enterprise scale requires experience and execution. Datadog’s TAMs are proven experts with a track record of providing advisory services that accelerate your Datadog deployments, helping you achieve your goals.

Create evangelists and champions

Our TAMs work to understand the particular use cases and needs of your company and serve as ambassadors of change to help ensure technical and cultural buy-in across the company.

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