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Integrated DNS Testing Tools

Optimize DNS performance alongside the rest of your systems in a unified testing tool.

DNS often acts as the first touchpoint with a web application for users. Proactive testing of DNS records is essential to validate users can reach your domains. DNS testing tools help identify issues to ensure DNS servers are performing as expected. With Datadog’s API tests, you can run DNS tests around the world, quickly respond to configuration or performance issues, and detect potential DNS attacks.


Monitor all of your key DNS records

Identify misconfigurations across all your main DNS records.
  • Automate DNS tests to ensure the resolvability and lookup times of DNS records (A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, and TXT.)
  • Provide uninterrupted service by quickly identifying potential DNS attacks, such as cache poisoning and flooding
  • Monitor response times of your DNS tests to create benchmarks in one comprehensive DNS testing tool
Monitor all of your key DNS records

Ensure global performance with DNS testing tools

Make sure DNS resolution can be performed from any location.
  • Run tests from managed locations to distinguish widespread DNS outages from regional issues
  • Create containerized locations within your own infrastructure to test internal applications DNS resolution
  • Use modern DNS testing tools to shift left and run tests on canaries to catch issues even earlier
Ensure global performance with DNS testing tools

Troubleshoot internal DNS servers with Network Performance Monitoring

Test the health of all your DNS servers and troubleshoot issues in one tool.
  • Visualize DNS-specific health metrics such as volume, response time, and failure rate to spot performance problems
  • Correlate a DNS server’s failure rate with the number of requests it’s receiving and the processes consuming infrastructure resources
  • Track where DNS requests are being generated to identify client-side issues
Troubleshoot internal DNS servers with Network Performance Monitoring

View DNS data alongside metrics, traces, and logs

Monitor all layers of your stack in a single pane of glass.
  • Correlate DNS performance with server data in a single DNS testing and monitoring tool
  • Trigger alerts on unexpected configurations and slowness to troubleshoot quickly
  • Configure and track SLOs on DNS services performance and availability
View DNS data alongside metrics, traces, and logs

The Essential Monitoring and Security Platform for the Cloud Age

Datadog brings together end-to-end traces, metrics, and logs to make your applications, infrastructure, and third-party services entirely observable.


Put DNS Testing in Context

Optimize DNS resolution alongside the rest of you applications.


Synchronized Dashboards

Track incidents across metrics with a common tagging structure.



Detect threats and issues using machine learning.


Service Map

Map application data flows and dependencies in real time.

DNS Testing Resources

Learn about Datadog DNS testing tools and synthetics.

Synthetic Testing with Datadog

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