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Code-Free Cross-Browser Testing

Ensure your application performs for users across all browsers with Datadog Synthetic Testing.

Your users access your application across a wide range of browsers and devices, each of which renders HTML, CSS and JavaScript differently. Without proper testing, you may be unwittingly serving users a poor experience. Ensure that all your users are experiencing your site or application properly with Datadog’s robust synthetics testing across Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Monitor all stages of the user journey, and get alerts when things go wrong. Automated testing lets you shift your cross-browser testing strategy to the left, so you can remain agile and ship with confidence.


Proactively detect issues across Firefox, Chrome & Edge

  • Test Across Multiple Browsers: Datadog Synthetic Testing supports testing across Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers.
  • Code-Free Cross-Browser Tests:
  • Anyone on your team can record and automate multistep browser tests in minutes.
  • Easy testing setup: As you interact with your application, Datadog automatically records the actions, which you can edit or build on.
  • Self-maintaining cross-browser tests: To eliminate false alarms caused by flaky tests, AI-powered Datadog synthetic browser tests mimic human decision-making processes and intelligently adjust in response to application changes.
Detect issues across Firefox, Chrome & Edge

Automatically detect UI changes across browsers

  • Multiple element locators keep up with a fast-changing UI:
  • Datadog's multi-locator algorithms automatically locate UI elements.
  • Anticipate Expected UI Updates: When a UI element changes, Datadog's cross-browser tests will automatically locate the element again.
  • Fine-tune alerts: Reduce false positive alerts by setting tests to automatically retry steps before alerting you of a failure.
Automatically detect UI changes across browsers

Shift cross-browser testing to the left

  • Automate your cross-browser testing: Run the same tests across environments, including CI pipelines, so you can continuously verify performance.
  • Automate test execution: Use Datadog's API and command line interface (CLI) to automate testing.
  • Visualize your results: Once your tests have executed, visualize results in either the Datadog UI or your own CI.
Shift cross-browser testing to the left

The Essential Monitoring and Security Platform for the Cloud Age

Datadog brings together end-to-end traces, metrics, and logs to make your applications, infrastructure, and third-party services entirely observable.


Run Cross-Broswer Tests in All Environments

Shift cross-browser testing to the left with automated tests.


CI/CD testing

Shift test automation practices to the left to catch issues earlier on in the development process.


SLO tracking

Real time visibility into your SLOs through drag and drop dashboard widgets.


Root cause analysis

Full stack correlation from synthetic tests to metrics, traces, and logs.

Cross-Browser Testing Resources

Learn about Datadog's cross-browser synthetics tests.

Synthetics Testing Overview

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