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Modernize public sector services and applications

As local, state, and federal governments seek to modernize their services, they face the challenge of safely replacing legacy systems that no longer meet their needs, and learning to manage new, highly distributed infrastructure at scale. Datadog helps public sector organizations monitor every step of the digital transformation process so they can deliver a better experience for the communities they serve. By unifying data from legacy and cloud-based systems in a single pane of glass, Datadog enables government agencies to successfully migrate to the cloud, troubleshoot performance issues, and improve the speed and reliability of their services at scale—while remaining in compliance.

Migrate to the cloud with confidence

Migrating to a private, public, or hybrid cloud architecture enables public sector organizations to scale their services more efficiently while improving application performance. Moreover, companies and organizations in the Federal and SLED space have a unique responsibility to maintain the same level of performance for these critical services. It can be challenging to maintain the performance of all the components of a cloud-based or hybrid environment, while at the same time ensuring that these services continue to meet performance standards both during and after a cloud transition. Datadog provides organizations a unified view of metrics, traces, logs, and more from all the components of their cloud and on-premises architecture, so they can migrate smoothly to the cloud without any downtime—and get the insights they need to ensure the reliability and performance of their migrated applications.

Ensure the reliability of community services, at any scale

From mobile Medicare management applications to civic engagement platforms that enable local governments to efficiently organize community boards, millions of people access web applications supporting public services every day. This generates massive volumes of data that legacy systems oftentimes struggle to accommodate. Datadog helps public organizations ensure that their services can run at any scale by monitoring all of this data in real time. Organizations can get high-level insights, and then drill down to more granular data to gain insight into the end-user experience at an individual level. Datadog's comprehensive dashboards combine data from more than 450 integrations, enabling organizations to rapidly troubleshoot system-wide issues. Ultimately, Datadog ensures that web application-based services maintain high performance regardless of scale.

Enable effortless engineering collaboration and provide excellent user experiences

Fed/SLED programs often consist of many engineers that need to come together and collaborate effectively to ensure community-facing services across the country perform at the highest level. Datadog's platform enables seamless cross-team communication through integrations with various messaging platforms like Office 365 Groups and collaborative features like Notebooks. Datadog's collaboration-friendly interface allows public sector groups and organizations to run applications efficiently with the ability to synchronize quickly to resolve issues in real time. Whether you're a small team or a fleet of multiple divisions composed of tens of thousands of engineers, you can collaborate while jointly working off the same data and shared view of your application.

Empower smart city initiatives with IoT monitoring

The rise of Internet of Things (IoT) technology has helped drive the growth of smart city initiatives. Smart cities distribute IoT devices throughout urban areas to gather insight from real-world data to efficiently operate public services like public transportation and waste management. Datadog's turn-key integrations provide out-of-the-box insights into IoT technologies, including Amazon IoT, Google Cloud IoT, and Azure IoT Hub. Organizations can use Datadog to oversee the IoT infrastructure they've deployed across cities, and to monitor the progress of their modernization goals.

Oversee your IoT infrastructure deployed across cities with Datadog’s turn-key integrations.

Streamline multi-organization account management

Public services often aggregate and manage hundreds of discrete datasets and span multiple IT systems and departments that require various permissions and access levels that can be challenging to manage. Datadog addresses this issue with a multi-tenant solution designed to scale along with these organizations’ custom needs. Users can centrally manage the data of multiple organizations from a single account, while ensuring that each organization's data remains separate and distinct.

The road to governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC)

As public organizations modernize aging legacy systems and adopt cloud-based infrastructure, they are required to comply with government regulations that help keep user data safe and secure. Datadog has successfully completed the SOC 2 Type II audit, and implements a variety of security measures to protect user data. These measures include encrypting data with Transport Layer Security (TLS) and HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), and infrastructure monitoring for potentially malicious events like API calls and login attempts. Datadog is compliant with a number of government regulations such as HIPAA. Datadog also complies with FedRAMP's Low-Impact Software-as-a-Service (LI-SaaS) regulation standards, and is currently pursuing FedRAMP's moderate standards.

Datadog complies with FedRAMP's Low-Impact Software-as-a-Service (LI-SaaS) regulation standards.