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Datadog’s AWS Specializations

Datadog provides AWS validated capabilities across 10 industry and specialized solution specialization areas

AWS established the AWS Specialization Program to help customers identify consulting and technology partners with deep industry experience and expertise. To receive these designations, organizations undergo an assessment of the security, performance, and reliability of its solutions. Datadog has ten competencies—the most of any observability company—which speaks to Datadog’s success in providing customers with specialized solutions that align to AWS architectural best practices.

Datadog Achieves 10 AWS Specializations

Cloud Operations

Datadog is an AWS Launch Partner for the AWS Cloud Operations Specialization, highlighting its ability to provide visibility into any stack at any time. Datadog’s essential technical capabilities help customers establish, build, migrate, and operate while optimizing cloud environments for rapid go-to-market motions and increased developer productivity. Moreover, Datadog’s new Cloud Cost Management Product allows for optimized cost management for services, tooling, and resources to organize and track cost and usage. Learn how to migrate and monitor any AWS workload at any scale with Datadog.


Datadog is an AWS Containers Specialization Partner with proven success providing real-time visibility into the health and performance of containerized environments. With curated metrics, customers can detect and investigate issues in every layer of their clusters. They can also correlate metrics, traces, logs, and network data to get a unified view into their container-based AWS microservices. By maximizing observability into containerized environments within minutes, Datadog enables AWS customers to deliver the best experience possible.

“We have transformed ourselves from a customer service ticket platform to a real-time communication tool that can mediate the end-to-end experience between our customers and their customers. [Datadog]’s interactive UI was huge for us to monitor health, because it can send us application specific metrics for each container.”

Jon Moter
Principal Engineer, Zendesk

Datadog is an AWS DevOps Specialization Partner proving how Datadog is critical to accelerating development cycles to respond more quickly to market needs. Using Datadog enables organizations to build a culture of measurement and observability, implement monitoring automation, gain organization-wide visibility and evaluate data in the same context as their colleagues.

“DevOps is not a role, it’s a culture and Datadog is part of the empowerment of that process by allowing different parts of the business to interact with a common observability platform.”

Joe Humphries
Infrastructure Director, MyLife Digital

“Being in a competitive market, it’s really important to understand what our consumers are experiencing. Datadog’s traceability, durability, and intuitive UI have really helped us adopt the DevOps mindset.”

Pavlo Voznenko
CTO, Seven.One Entertainment Group

Datadog is an AWS Education Specialization Partner, supporting customers across higher education, K-12, research, and publishing sectors with fast and secure monitoring solutions. Leveraging these tools within AWS and the cloud enables institutions to gain critical insights into their complex systems, improve their educational strategies, and provide the best experiences to students, teachers, and administrations.

“We operate a data ecosystem comprising over a dozen data commons that make over 10 PBs of data available to the research community. Datadog is a key component of our mission to have our data readily accessible by providing our team with the insight and visibility required to efficiently and effectively monitor our distributed and complex systems.”

Bill Winslow
Director of Platform Engineering, University of Chicago

Datadog is an AWS Government Specialization Partner, highlighting our experience working with government agencies to deliver mission-critical workloads on AWS. By unifying metrics, traces, logs, from legacy and cloud-based systems Datadog enables federal, state, and local organizations to successfully migrate to the cloud, troubleshoot performance issues, and improve the speed and reliability of their services at scale—all while remaining in compliance.

Datadog is authorized at the FedRAMP Moderate-Impact level to support government agencies migrating to the cloud.

“Serving millions of California residents at scale has required us to modernize systems and adopt new cloud technologies. Datadog provides the visibility we need to monitor containerized microservices applications across the entire stack with confidence.”

Jeff Garrett
Technical Product Manager, California Department of Health Care Services
Microsoft Workloads

Datadog has achieved the AWS Microsoft Workloads Specialization, proving its expertise supporting customers looking to migrate, optimize, and modernize Microsoft workloads on AWS. The Datadog Agent can easily be installed to monitor Windows-hosted infrastructure within minutes, providing immediate time to value. Additionally, Datadog offers a Microsoft Office 365 integration to monitor the activity, usage, and licensing of productivity solutions like Exchange and Sharepoint, and a SQL Server integration to provide end-to-end visibility into the health and performance of SQL Server instances.

Migration and Modernization

Datadog is an AWS Migration and Modernization Specialization Partner, certifying Datadog’s success in accelerating customer migration and modernization initiatives by providing insight into hybrid infrastructure and distributed applications. Datadog allows organizations to fully map their legacy and cloud systems, monitor data during every phase of a migration to AWS, and ensure that transitioned workloads meet performance targets.

“During Neto’s migration project, the visibility provided by Datadog was critical to maintaining platform reliability and ensuring business as usual for Neto’s customers. For six months, Neto’s legacy and cloud infrastructures were running simultaneously as customer assets were transferred from MySQL to hosted Amazon Aurora databases. Datadog helped ensure the accurate, on-time migration of these customer assets by collecting, aggregating, and displaying metrics from databases in both environments on a single platform.”

How Neto Increases Resilience at Scale with Datadog and AWS

Datadog is an AWS Networking Specialization Partner with proven expertise giving customers visibility into every network component that makes up on-premise, AWS, and hybrid environments, with little to no overhead. By monitoring the performance of connections among hosts, services, virtual private clouds (VPCs), and other elements, Datadog helps customers to quickly determine when their network is the root cause of any issue.

“Datadog Network Performance Monitoring gave us immediate visibility into all our Kubernetes cluster traffic. As soon as a new cluster is spun up, we can see if pods are communicating as expected and if internal DNS is doing its job.Things became much easier once we started using Datadog. As soon as we deployed the Agent, we got access to more out-of-the-box metrics and had a single place to look at everything.”

Miguel Mingorance
Systems Engineer, Delivery Hero

Datadog is an AWS Retail Specialization Partner, highlighting Datadog’s success in providing retailers with deep visibility into the health of their infrastructure and applications across the entire retail value chain, from supply chain logistics to POS systems to digital storefronts. Comprehensive monitoring of infrastructure resources, application performance, and user engagement enables retailers to accelerate digital transformations, deliver superior customer experiences, and rapidly resolve performance issues to increase customer conversion and brand loyalty while meeting business objectives.

“Datadog allows us to know when there is an issue with a particular segment of the website, how our customers might be affected, and how that might affect conversion rates—which affects our bottom line.”

Nick Vecellio
Senior Manager of Monitoring Engineering, Wayfair

Datadog is an AWS Security Specialization Partner in the Network and Infrastructure Security Solution subcategory. Datadog has proven technical expertise and success securing every stage of cloud adoption, from initial migration to ongoing day-to-day management.

Datadog’s Cloud Security Management product automates and delivers real-time threat detection and continuous configuration audits across your entire production environment, so you can bring speed, scale, and operational efficiency to your security organization. Cloud Security Management is built on top of Datadog’s observability platform, which breaks down silos between Security and DevOps teams, streamlines collaboration during incident management, and aligns them to shared organizational goals.

“Using Cloud Security Management was like having a member of the InfoSec team embedded within our engineering team. All the security metrics were front and center so they could easily see the number of misconfigured resources in a single view and they didn’t have to wait for someone from InfoSec to reach out and let them know there was an issue.”

Chad Upton
Vice President of Infrastructure, Firstup