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End-to-end Serverless Monitoring

End-to-end Serverless Monitoring

Detect and resolve performance issues in your serverless applications.

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Datadog serverless monitoring provides end-to-end visibility into the health of your serverless applications—reducing MTTD and MTTR. Serverless enables your teams to stay agile and focus their time building revenue-generating applications while reducing operational overhead. Visibility into metrics, traces, and logs for every invocation of your serverless applications allows your teams to deploy new code with confidence.

All your functions in one place

  • Optimize serverless environments by pinpointing which resources are generating errors, high latency, or cold starts
  • Alert in real time on memory, timeout, and concurrency metrics to avoid poor end-user experiences
  • Identify critical application issues and pivot to relevant traces or logs with one click
All your functions in one place.

Trace across any infrastructure

  • Trace microservice calls across your stack to get end-to-end visibility into customer requests
  • Visualize distributed microservices in the Service Map and slice by tags like function, customer, version, and more
  • Ingest, search, and analyze 100% of traces live over the last 15 minutes

End-to-end monitoring for serverless applications

  • Isolate an individual customer request and drill down to the associated logs and metrics for the full story
  • Reduce alert fatigue for your on-call teams with machine learning-based anomaly, outlier, and forecasting monitors
  • Search and filter using tags like service, customer, or error code to troubleshoot ephemeral functions

Collect and correlate business and health metrics

  • Reduce data silos with a single source of truth for dev, ops, and business teams
  • Collect custom metrics directly from your functions to analyze data like the number or value of items in a cart
  • Visualize and analyze key business metrics through customizable dashboards
Collect and correlate business and health metrics.

Unified visibility into serverless applications

  • Correlate the impact of serverless deployment and configuration changes with critical metrics, traces, and logs
  • Visualize the health of your serverless architecture—including APIs, queues, databases, and more—in a single unified platform
  • Zero instrumentation observability with our AWS SAM, Serverless Framework, and AWS CDK integrations

Customer Testimonials

Our e-commerce platform is 95% serverless powered by hundreds of AWS Lambda functions, API Gateway, DynamoDB, and other technologies. All our serverless functions integrate Datadog Serverless Monitoring from the start to provide our teams a single pane of glass to monitor and troubleshoot serverless incidents.

Tom Hayman

Tom Hayman

Head of Platform Engineering, Dunelm

When we were migrating from our big monolith to a whole bunch of serverless functions, all of the data, metrics, and logs were diverse and all over the place. Datadog gives us the ability to view all of those metrics, logs, and traces from our serverless applications in one place.

Justin Rupp

Justin Rupp

Systems Architect, GlobalGiving




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