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Datadog Cloud Security Platform

Datadog Cloud Security Platform

Full-stack security for your production environment.

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Our developers and operations teams already rely on Datadog for observability, so we've been looking to leverage this comprehensive data for security. With Datadog's Security Monitoring product, our AppSec team can analyze authentication events across all our applications with a single set of rules.

Martin Strýček

Martin Strýček

Head of Infrastructure,

Datadog’s Cloud Security Platform delivers real-time threat detection and continuous configuration audits across your entire production environment, so you can bring speed and scale to your security organization. The Cloud Security Platform is built on top of Datadog’s observability platform, which breaks down silos between Security and DevOps teams and aligns them to shared organizational goals.

DevSecOps Maturity Model

Use our blueprint to assess and advance your organization’s DevSecOps practices.

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Real-time detection

  • Remain vigilant with always-on security monitoring that detects attacks at any time, not on a schedule
  • Leverage continuous scanning to identify misconfigurations, as well as suspicious file and process activity, in real time
  • Detect threats quickly, regardless of the scale of your system, the volume of your data, or the complexity of your rules

Security data in context

  • View and correlate context-rich security signals to reconstruct attack paths and secure your environment
  • Assess the business impact of security incidents by pivoting seamlessly between security signals and full-stack telemetry
  • Get additional insight into security threats through automatic enrichment of ingested logs

A unified platform for DevOps and Security

  • Maintain efficient DevOps practices while implementing robust threat detection and incident response workflows
  • Enable developers to focus on building new features—not securing your environment
  • Leverage the existing Agent and integrations to achieve new security visibility
A unified platform for DevOps and Security

Immediate time to value

  • Get started quickly with out-of-the-box threat detection rules, dashboards, and more
  • Correlate threats with application logs and telemetry from more than 500 turn-key integrations
  • Detect threats without specialized knowledge of a query language

Full-stack defense across applications, workloads, and infrastructure

  • Prevent a single security vulnerability from compromising your entire infrastructure
  • Secure your full stack: infrastructure, hosts, containers, and applications
  • Identify malicious activity at any stage of an attack
Full-stack defense across applications, workloads, and infrastructure