Cloud-Native Security Monitoring | Datadog

Cloud-native Security Monitoring

Real-time threat detection across your applications, network, and infrastructure

Security for dynamic environments

Break down silos between developers, security, and operation teams.

  • Detect threats in real time across dynamic cloud environments
  • Leverage detailed observability data to accelerate security investigations
  • Collaborate across the organization in a single unified platform

400+ vendor-supported integrations

Achieve full security visibility across your applications, network, and infrastructure.

  • Start ingesting security data in minutes with hundreds of built-in integrations like AWS CloudTrail, Okta, and G Suite
  • Investigate security threats in a single pane of glass with detailed observability data: metrics, traces, logs, and more

Real-time threat detection

Detect potential threats across the full stream of ingested observability data.

  • Analyze all your data, without the cost of indexing and retaining everything
  • Alert on malicious or anomalous patterns as data is received in real time

Out-of-the-box detection rules

Improve your security posture with default detection rules that flag attacker techniques and misconfigurations.

  • Enable default detection rules, mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK® framework and compliance frameworks
  • Write your own custom rules without learning a proprietary query language

Analytics & collaboration

Correlate security signals and collaborate on investigations.

  • Quickly filter security signals using attributes like severity level, the MITRE ATT&CK® technique, or any associated entity, such as an attacker’s IP
  • Integrate with Slack, PagerDuty, or any collaboration tool to quickly loop in relevant teams for faster investigations
  • Retain all security signals for 15 months to correlate them and identify trends over time