Network Performance Monitoring for the Cloud Age | Datadog

Network Performance Monitoring

Visualize traffic flow in cloud-native environments

Unprecedented visibility into modern networks

Understand performance using meaningful, human-readable tags.

  • Use tags to filter traffic by source and destination
  • Group by anything — from datacenters to teams to individual containers
  • Report key metrics such as traffic volume and TCP retransmits

Unified troubleshooting in one platform

Reduce MTTR with a single source of truth for the entire business.

  • Find all logs associated with any flow, regardless of the log source
  • Seamlessly pivot from network flows to complete request traces
  • Drill down to the processes contributing the most traffic

Cloud-native modernization

Harness the cloud, microservices, and containers without any blind spots.

  • Unify on-premise and cloud-based networks in one view
  • Pinpoint underperforming containers, pods, and deployments
  • Investigate cost sinks like cross-availability-zone traffic

Live mapping and analysis

Track inefficient and expensive traffic patterns with the live network map.

  • Reveal every dependency across your network
  • Visualize inefficiencies like improper load balancing
  • Quickly identify the teams responsible for high traffic volume

Deployment without the overhead

Keep your systems fast with our lightweight eBPF-based agent and easy onboarding.

  • Use one agent for everything — including metrics, traces, and logs
  • Deploy in minutes with 400+ integrations and no devices to install
  • Train teams easily on Datadog's intuitive interface