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Keep tabs on your Ubuntu environment

  • Visualize your Ubuntu performance
  • Aggregate metrics or scope down using tags
  • Correlate Ubuntu metrics with other system data
  • Customize alerting on Ubuntu metrics
  • Collaborate in real-time


Visualize your Ubuntu performance

To monitor the health of your systems running Ubuntu and identify irregular behavior, you’ll need to see the right data at each source. In Datadog, you can visualize your overall Ubuntu performance as well as system level metrics like CPU, disk I/O, or memory usage with the ability to flexibly set your desired level of granularity. Datadog also stores metrics for 15 months so you can easily go back and analyze your machine’s historical performance.

ubuntu performance

Aggregate metrics or scope down using tags

It can be difficult to isolate problems without getting lost in the weeds of individual machine data. Datadog allows you to visualize metrics at arbitrary levels of aggregation to help you evaluate metrics at the service, host, or even container level. You can set the level of aggregation using tags to create meaningful dashboards to share with your team.

Correlate Ubuntu metrics with other system data

If your application experiences performance issues, you’ll want to know what’s happening everywhere in your environment. Datadog allows you to filter for different events and correlate them with your Ubuntu metrics. You’ll quickly determine what went wrong and if the operating system was to blame, letting you maintain a healthy and operable environment.

ubuntu performance

Customized alerting for Ubuntu metrics

If something unusual happens with your operating system you’ll want to know about it as soon as possible. Datadog lets you set custom alerts for your Ubuntu metrics, as well as for the rest of your stack. You can take care of abnormalities before they impact anything in your environment.

Collaborate in real-time

Using email to troubleshoot issues amongst a distributed team can be time consuming. Datadog makes all of your infrastructure data available to anyone who needs to see it, and lets you discuss in real-time in the event stream.