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SQL Server


Track your SQL Server database performance and share important data with your team

  • Visualize real-time and historical performance metrics of your SQL Server
  • Create alerts for your SQL Server based on custom metrics
  • Share important data from your SQL Server with your team in real-time


Visualize SQL Server performance metrics

PostGres Trends
Visualizing your SQL Server database with performance metrics can be a very powerful tool, but this requires a lot of manual work and the use of many tools which makes it challenging to maintain. Datadog makes this whole process much easier by automatically recording and graphing standard database performance metrics along with any custom metrics you choose to set. You are not only provided a visualization of your SQL Server metrics and events in real-time, but the historical performance as well.

Find the root cause for your SQL Server performance issues

SQL Server Correlation
Finding the root cause of a problem on your SQL Server can be challenging as performance issues may come from a number of different tools and services. Datadog aggregates and logs metrics not only for your SQL Server database, but for your other tools and services as well. This helps you correlate specific events with one another and troubleshoot the root cause of the problem.

Customize alerts for your SQL Server database

Noticing a performance issue on your database in a timely manner is crucial as there is a potential risk of the application failing entirely if the issue is not resolved immediately. Datadog helps you set up alerts based on your custom and standard metrics from your SQL Server instances. You can also alert on a metric from several database hosts, which is aggregated into a single number, or on a per-host basis. Datadog can also easily integrate with + monitoring and alerting tools, so it will help keep track of issues immediately before they turn into major problems.

Real-time communication with the rest of your team

SQL Server performance issues require developers, operations engineers, and database administrators to work together and communicate in order to identify and resolve the root cause. However, sharing information between teams is difficult and typically leads to the use of emails and screenshots which wastes time and creates inefficiency. Datadog provides a platform where multiple teams have access to the same aggregated and anonymized database performance data and can collaborate and discuss issues in real-time. Dashboards can be easily exported and embedded into other systems via a URL allowing you to share information with those who do not have access to Datadog.