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Track application exceptions; comment on errors in real-time with your team

  • Discuss errors as they happen with your entire team
  • Correlate application errors with events in other systems
  • Reduce email clutter with a contextual newsfeed


Discuss errors in real-time with your entire team

Because Sentry notifications are integrated into a real-time newsfeed with Datadog, your entire team can comment about the issue as it happens. Collaboration to solve the problem happens instantly, without the need for additional emails, screenshots, or application-specific dashboards.

Correlate application errors with other events in your system

When Sentry notifies you that your users are receiving errors, you’ll need to examine what’s happened elsewhere in your system to diagnose the source of the problem. Datadog integrates with common tools to collect, store and normalize information from across your IT infrastructure so you can visualize all your events all in one place, and determine when and how one system affected another.

Reduce email clutter and see exceptions in a contextual newsfeed

Sentry and other exception-tracking tools send you repeated email notifications, which clog up your inbox without providing all of the contextual information you need to solve the problem. Datadog places the exception alongside information from your other systems in a real-time newsfeed, so you can see what else has happened in your infrastructure and troubleshoot faster.