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Get insight to your PostgreSQL database performance

  • Visualize your PostgreSQL performance metrics
  • Track the root cause of PostgreSQL performance issues
  • Tailor your metrics and alerts for your PostgreSQL


Visualize your PostgreSQL performance

PostGres Trends
Understanding your PostgreSQL performance is easier when you can see performance trends in real-time. However this can require a number of disparate tools that require extra effort to maintain in and of themselves. Datadog integrates easily with PostgreSQL, so you can start plotting standard metrics like read/write rates and request times out-of-the-box. Datadog also stores your information for 15 months, so you can revisit your PostgreSQL history anytime.

Track the root cause of PostgreSQL performance issues

SQL Server Correlation
Performance issues of your PostgreSQL can come from different tools and services which makes it difficult to track the root cause of the problem. Datadog collects metrics not only for your PostgreSQL database, but for your other tools and services as well. This feature helps you correlate specific events throughout your infrastructure so you can find the root cause of an issue and troubleshoot immediately.

Tailor metrics and alerts for your PostgreSQL

If your database performance suffers, you want to know before the problem is apparent to your end users. With Datadog, you can set and track custom metrics for your database, and implement unique alerts that make sense for your application. These metrics can be aggregated across multiple hosts or seen at a host-level. Datadog also integrates with common alerting and monitoring tools to immediately track performance metrics. With Datadog, you will always know about performance issues before they become big problems.

Share aggregated, anonymized metrics with your entire team

Postgres Collab

When database problems occur, engineers, and database administrators need to collaborate in order to resolve the issue. Often times, due to different levels of access privileges to the database, they end up communicating via email and screenshots which is time-consuming, inefficient and often frustrating. Datadog intelligently identifies PostgreSQL performance problems, and places them in a contextual newsfeed where your team members can comment in real-time. Team members can also securely share PostgreSQL performance metrics with external team members via an embedded URL.