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New Relic


Visualize and correlate New Relic metrics with data from other systems

  • Visualize New Relic and other systems' metrics in real-time
  • Correlate New Relic data with other systems
  • Share and comment on New Relic alerts


Visualize New Relic & other systems’ data in real-time

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Today’s IT environments are made up of multiple dynamic components working in unison. Understanding an environment’s performance at any given moment requires up-to-the-minute data from each system. Datadog displays metrics and events from New Relic and any other system in the environment in real-time and can simultaneously show data from multiple systems on the same dashboard. The ability to visualize these multiple data streams in the same place allows for immediate understanding of the entire infrastructure’s health status.

Correlate New Relic data with other systems’ events

Because applications are built from a number of tools and services, performance issues can originate from many different sources. Pinpointing an issue within a specific system or service can be challenging, especially if the problem was caused by another component. Datadog collects metrics, alerts and events from New Relic and all other systems in the IT environment. Metrics and events from these multiple systems can then be correlated with one another to determine if an event in one system caused a change in another. New Relic’s application-level metrics combined with data from the systems supporting the app allows for full-stack visibility.

Share and comment on New Relic alerts and events


Datadog allows for multiple teams, either internal or external, to gain controlled visibility into New Relic alerts and performance metrics. IT teams can be given access to Datadog, where they can view existing dashboards or create their own. Team members can communicate with each other in context by commenting on events, alerts and graphs through a “Facebook-style”? news feed. For teams, management or other stakeholders that do not require Datadog access, dashboards, which update in real time, can be shared or embedded into other systems via URL.

Bridge New Relic with other tools

Organizations that run applications on-premise or on other cloud providers in addition to New Relic will have performance data living in a number of different places. Datadog brings together all of this performance data into one place through 150+ turnkey integrations, and a robust API. Data from each source is normalized, aggregated and made available for graphing, correlation and alerting.

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