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Understand your MySQL performance and usage patterns

  • Capture and analyze MySQL metrics and statistics
  • Correlate MySQL metrics with your other systems
  • Create effective alerts on database throughput, latency, or errors
  • Keep the whole team in sync


Capture and analyze MySQL performance metrics and statistics

Visualizing the performance of your MySQL database can get complicated. Once you connect Datadog to MySQL, you’ll have full visibility into the status of your database. Examine overall performance on an out-of-the-box MySQL dashboard or dive into detailed metrics on query execution and latency.

mysql performance

Correlate MySQL performance metrics with your other systems

MySQL performance issues can originate on the client side or from resource constraints on the server itself, making it a challenge to find the root cause of a problem. Datadogcollects metrics from your MySQL database, your hosts, and all your applications and services, so you can see how specific changes in one system affect another. For example, if a code change in your client application ends up increasing query latency, you can correlate those changes immediately, and begin troubleshooting right away.

Create effective alerts on database throughput, latency, or errors

If your database starts returning errors or serving queries slowly, it can cause significant performance issues. Problems may go unnoticed until they reach the user, or worse, when the application relying on the database fails entirely. Datadog allows you to tailor alerts based on any of the metrics drawn from your MySQL databases so you can spot issues before they become widespread. For example, you can create a monitor to alert you when MySQL has reached connection limits.

mysql performance

Keep the whole team in sync

Database performance problems require all hands on deck. But if developers, ops engineers, and database administrators each have different views of the database, collaborating is a challenge. Datadog makes MySQL performance data available to anyone in your organization who needs it, and lets them annotate and share metric snapshots to communicate without ambiguity. For team members who don’t require Datadog access, dashboards can be shared in read-only mode via URL.