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Gain full visibility into your Mesos cluster

  • Visualize metrics from all your Mesos nodes
  • Monitor all of your apps and services in one place

Visualize metrics from all your nodes with the Mesos integration

You use Mesos because you want to ensure that your cluster’s resources are properly allocated to your applications. Datadog’s Mesos integration will let you collect metrics from your master and agent nodes in real-time so you can understand how they are performing and how resources are being utilized. Mesos metrics include cluster resource metrics for CPU, memory, and disk, as well as metrics around task execution (tasks finished, failed, killed, etc.).

Monitor all of your apps and services in one place

In addition to Mesos, you’ll probably be using a number of other technologies such as ZooKeeper, Marathon, and Docker to manage your cluster and applications. With Datadog, you have the ability to capture and visualize metrics and events from all of these technologies. You can also monitor the applications running on your cluster and correlate their performance with metrics from the Mesos integration. Datadog integrates with more than 100 popular technologies out of the box and collects custom metrics from your internal applications and services as well.